How to prepare electric vehicle tyres for winter?

¿Cómo preparar los neumáticos de un vehículo eléctrico para el invierno?

The rise in sustainable mobility has led to the proliferation of electric vehicles in cities around the world. With this in mind, last mile vehicles such as electric bikes, scooters or small electric cars play a vital role in the delivery of goods and services over short distances. And for them to maintain their high […]

Staff movement in the events sector

Movimiento de personal en el sector eventos

Any event – concerts, conferences, fairs or festivals – requires efficient logistics so that everything runs smoothly. And in this context, staff movement plays a vital role and alternative electric vehicles have become an increasingly popular choice. Keep reading this post to learn how these vehicles are transforming staff mobility in the events sector today. […]

Customisation of cargo boxes in last mile vehicles

cargo boxes in last mile vehicles

A cargo vehicle, whatever its type – quadricycle, compact van… – will always offer different sizes and capacities. Choosing one or the other to create or renew a business fleet will depend to a large extent on these characteristics. One of these customisation options stands out: cargo boxes.