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What are connected fleets and what are their advantages?

Flotas conectadas

The emergence of innovative technologies has radically changed the way vehicles and fleets are managed. In this regard, connected fleets (or smart fleets) emerge as a solution for optimising the vehicle management of all types of businesses. And proper fleet management is key in order to achieve the best results on any route or trip. […]

Why electrify your fleet and how to plan it

Electrificar flotas

In a world increasingly aware of environmental challenges, it is extremely important for companies to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing their competitiveness and efficiency. A key strategy to achieve both is the electrification of their commercial fleets. Moving towards sustainable mobility has many benefits. Why consider it and how to plan for it effectively? […]

Mobility solutions for catering companies

movilidad para empresas de catering

In the competitive world of the restaurant industry, mobility is a key to success. For catering companies in particular, the ability to transport food efficiently and safely is essential in order to meet customer demands and guarantee maximum quality at each event. Would you like to know more about innovative mobility solutions designed for catering […]

Adaptation of electric vehicles for emergency services

servicios de emergencia

The fight against the environmental impact of mobility operations is not just a trend, but a transversal necessity. The change to sustainable, electric mobility transcends personal or commercial spheres. In this regard, all sectors or services must come together. A palpable example of this transformation is observed in the emergency services, which are now decisively […]

Electric vehicles in the film industry: sustainable film shoots

industria del cine

The film industry, like other large industries and sectors, is beginning to incorporate electric vehicles in its shoots as a sustainable option for its productions. A change which caters for, amongst other issues, the growing environmental awareness and the need to reduce the carbon footprint in any activity. Film shoots involve the constant movement of […]

How commercial fleets guarantee Christmas stock in shops

stock navidad

The Christmas season, in addition to reunions, family gatherings and collective joy, brings with it an inevitable and significant increase in demand for products in shops of all kinds. And gift giving is the most common practice at this time of year! In this festive scenario, logistics play an essential role and commercial vehicle fleets […]

Electric motorbikes in the public sector

sector público

Electric motorbikes are an innovative and versatile solution for a wide range of functions within the context of the public sector, ranging from postal services and maintenance tasks to event management and security work. These electric-powered vehicles have gained prominence thanks to their ability to optimise essential operations and improve mobility in different scenarios. In […]

Electric vehicles for the industrial sector: sustainable and practical solutions

sector industrial

The industrial sector is always changing. The incorporation of electric vehicles into the day-to-day running of factories is one of the most wide-spread innovations to date. Beyond their contribution to environmental sustainability, electric vehicles adapted for the industrial sector are proving to be versatile tools that offer practical solutions for a wide variety of applications […]

How to prepare electric vehicle tyres for winter?

¿Cómo preparar los neumáticos de un vehículo eléctrico para el invierno?

The rise in sustainable mobility has led to the proliferation of electric vehicles in cities around the world. With this in mind, last mile vehicles such as electric bikes, scooters or small electric cars play a vital role in the delivery of goods and services over short distances. And for them to maintain their high […]

Staff movement in the events sector

Movimiento de personal en el sector eventos

Any event – concerts, conferences, fairs or festivals – requires efficient logistics so that everything runs smoothly. And in this context, staff movement plays a vital role and alternative electric vehicles have become an increasingly popular choice. Keep reading this post to learn how these vehicles are transforming staff mobility in the events sector today. […]