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Moves III Plan: incentives for efficient mobility

Plan Moves III

The Moves III Plan came about in an effort to promote sustainable mobility amongst individuals, companies and administrations, with incentives aimed at the use of non-polluting vehicles. This third edition of the Government’s subsidy plan affords a series of benefits for those who opt for environmentally friendly vehicles, as a transition alternative to cleaner, more […]

Designing sustainable, pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly cities

ciudades sostenibles

An equitable, environmentally friendly urban development depends largely on the design of sustainable cities. To achieve this goal, it is crucial that shared spaces are not only healthy, but also accessible and safe for all forms of mobility, whether motorised, cyclist or pedestrian. This entails the creation of infrastructures and services that facilitate travel in […]

Challenges for 2024: the circular economy in electric vehicles

Economía circular

The circular economy in the automotive industry seeks to transform the traditional linear model of production and consumption towards a more sustainable approach. And how can this be achieved? Promoting the reuse, recycling and extension of the working life of vehicles and their components, as is the case of batteries in electric vehicles. Automotive companies […]

Sustainable Mobility in Spain: the Observatory sets the green standard

Movilidad Sostenible

Mobility plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Nevertheless, sustainability has become a global priority. Against this backdrop, sustainable mobility involves the adoption of transportation practices that reduce the environmental impact, improving air quality and promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle. Following this line of thought, the aims are clear: to move towards a […]