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Fast and efficient food delivery services

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In the food delivery industry, efficiency and speed are essential. From urban food distribution to direct home deliveryOur electric vehicles offer a clean, quiet and fast solution, perfect for delivering fresh and hot food optimally in urban areas. We guarantee top quality service and ensure satisfied customers.

The 0% emission vehicles Inquieto’s 0% emission vehicles are specially designed to meet the needs of the food delivery sector.. With lower operating costs and a reduced environmental footprint, they are the ideal choice for food delivery.

Explore our wide range of vehicles, from agile and compact electric scooters to high-capacity pedal-assist cargo bikes or tricycles. Each model has been carefully designed to ensure maximum efficiency in every delivery.

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Tailor-made electric fleets, 100% sustainable

Restaurants, bars or take away.
Chains or franchises.
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Delivery platforms.
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Our electric vehicles for Food Delivery

In our catalog, we offer pedal-assisted electric and charging vehiclesspecially designed for the Food Delivery sector. Vehicles equipped with customizable trunks with various capacitiesThe new models are also suitable for carrying backpacks, which facilitates the transport of hot or delicate foodstuffs. All our vehicles are designed to allow access to all types of spaces thanks to its compactness, ensuring agile delivery in urban environments.

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Choose your modality

Long-term leasing

Integral electric vehicle leasing service for the automotive industry. Food deliveryFlexible and adapted to the needs of each business.

Short-term rental

We facilitate the short-term rental of electric vehicles to cover temporary needs. At Inquieto we take care of the whole process.

For sale

We prepare electric vehicles and simplify the procurement process so that they can be easily integrated into every business.


We take care of the maintenance of electric vehicles so that fleets are always kept in optimal conditions.

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