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Leisure Solutions

Movement in hotels, festivals or events

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Hotels, resorts, festivals, sporting, corporate, cultural events, etc.… All aim to offer a comfortable and efficient recreational experience. And to make it possible, it is crucial to bet on a sustainable mobility from electric vehicles.

Our 0% emission vehicles are designed to meet the needs of the leisure sector, from internal mobility in resorts and theme parks to the transport of staff and goods at events and festivals.. They are quieter and more efficient, making them ideal for environments where customer experience is paramount. In addition, their low operating costs make them a cost-effective option.

Explore our wide range of vehicles, from agile and compact to heavy-duty. Each model has been designed to offer optimized leisure experiences, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort for all users.

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Tailor-made electric fleets, 100% sustainable

Hotels and Resorts.
Sporting, corporate, cultural events...
Theme parks.
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Our electric vehicles for the leisure sector

Our portfolio includes vehicles, whether bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, quadricycles or compact electric vans, designed to carry out applications in events, festivals, hotels, campsites or resorts. We even provide electric vehicles, 100% sustainable, ideal for mobility in zoos and theme parks.

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Choose your modality

Long-term leasing

Integral electric vehicle leasing service for the automotive industry. LeisureFlexible and adapted to the needs of each business.

Short-term rental

We facilitate the short-term rental of electric vehicles to cover temporary needs. At Inquieto we take care of the whole process.

For sale

We prepare electric vehicles and simplify the procurement process so that they can be easily integrated into every business.


We take care of the maintenance of electric vehicles so that fleets are always kept in optimal conditions.

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We provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.

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