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Electric van repair

Do you want to extend the service life of your electric vans? We offer you a complete maintenance plan, with technical assistance and replacement vehicles for your business. for your business.

Our plans are tailored to your needs and include preventive and corrective maintenance, transportation, etc. In addition, we provide you with more than 600 specialized technicians and 300 workshops so that your fleet is always ready to work.

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Leave your fleet in the hands of electric van specialists with our tailor-made plans. We will not only serve you in our own specialized workshopsbut also at any repair point of our maintenance network.

Maintenance of electric vans

Your daily activity can put a lot of wear and tear on your fleet. And to extend its useful life and ensure its correct operation, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance tasks.

Our maintenance plans include all types of revisions in order to avoid unwanted surprises. Revisions in which we submit to exhaustive controls to the elements that can suffer more wear during your operations.

Our technical specialists will take into account the particularities of your trips, the characteristics of your electric vans and the products you transport in them in order to establish the best maintenance plan for you.

In addition to general revisions, such as tire pressure and wear, brakes, suspension… We will pay special attention to the batteries, as well as to the power steering, rear cameras… So that you do not have to interrupt your activity.

Preventive maintenance

Do not wait to detect failures or damages in your electric vans and hire our maintenance plan. Our technicians will carry out periodic reviews of your fleet of your fleet to anticipate possible problems and guarantee its correct operation.

Face each of your trips with the certainty of having vans in perfect condition and enjoy an efficient, sustainable and safe electric mobility for your drivers and the environment.

We will check its operation, safety and carry out adjustments, analysis, cleaning, calibrations and changes of elements subject to greater natural wear.

Corrective maintenance

Have you detected any faults or breakdowns in your electric cargo vans? At Inquieto we act immediately and efficiently so that your van can get back to work as soon as possible.

We carry out the repair of compact electric vans following a procedure of troubleshooting, diagnostics and elaboration of a tailor-made and preparation of a tailor-made quotation to start with the necessary repairs.

In our workshops, your compact vans are in the hands of alternative vehicle specialists. In addition, we offer you replacement vehicles so that you do not have to stop your activity.

Technical service of electric vans

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At Inquieto we are specialists in electric vehicles for mobility services in multiple sectors and we offer a totally personalized attention.

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We analyze and study your needs and offer you the best maintenance plan according to the particularities of your business, your vehicles or sector. In addition, we offer our repair services in more than 300 workshops, expert advice, comprehensive technical assistance and replacement vehicles.

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Your electric vans will always be as good as the first day. We adapt to any business or sector public service, industrial, leisure, last mile, food delivery, services… And in our catalog we have ideal solutions to serve all these sectors.

Find your electric van workshop

We offer you a wide network of a wide network of workshopsboth in-house and external. Contract the maintenance service of your electric vans with Inquieto and you will have access to GAM Soluciones’ network of workshops throughout the peninsula.

Find your workshop on the map. We have presence in all the provinces of Spain and in almost all regions of Portugal, covering maintenance plans, technical assistance and emergencies throughout the peninsula.

We have more than 59 rental and sales points available in Spain and Portugal. And offices in Madrid, Lisbon and in each of GAM’s delegations.

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