Pursuant to article 10 of Law 34/2002, 11 July, Information Society Services, please be advised that the website “Inquieto,” accessible via https://www.soyinquieto.com/, is managed and operated by INQUIETO MOVING ATTITUDE, S.L. (hereinafter, “Inquieto” or the “Company”) with registered address at Polígono Las Castellanas, 35 (C.N. II – INTA), 28830 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, in Volume 40222, Folio 61, Entry 2, Page M–714667. Address for notification purposes: Polígono Las Castellanas, 35 (C.N. II – INTA), 28830 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid.

You can contact Inquieto via email info@soyinquieto.com or visit Inquieto facilities at Polígono Las Castellanas, 35 (CN II – INTA), 28830 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, or call +34 900 293 704.

INQUIETO MOVING ATTITUDE® is a trademark registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office N0432825, for NICE class 39 – MERCHANDISE STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION AND TRANSPORT SERVICES. The use of Inquieto’s trade name and company name INQUIETO MOVING ATTITUDE® is allowed for the purpose of promoting the Company’s services and company, as long as the use is not contrary to good faith or unfair competition and does not compromise Inquieto’s good name.

These conditions establish the terms of use and access to the Inquieto website that the Company publishes and makes available to users. 

The Website service is provided for a limited duration from the moment Users are connected to the Website or to any of the services provided through it. Users must therefore carefully read the Legal Notice on the Website each time they intend to use it, since it may be modified without prior notice.

Some Website services accessible to Users may be subject to specific conditions, regulations and instructions that, if applicable, replace, complete and/or modify these terms and conditions, and which must be accepted by Users before the provision of the corresponding service.

Browsing the Inquieto website or any other use of it or its content requires express and unequivocal acceptance of the terms of use in force each time it is accessed, as set forth herein. Users can update their data in Inquieto’s database by clicking this link and checking the corresponding boxes.

1. Audience to whom the Inquieto website is directed

The Inquieto website is aimed at the general public who request information about the activities and services provided by the Company in general, all of which are related to rental, sale and maintenance of last-mile vehicles.  

The condition of User is attributed to a person who uses or browses the Inquieto website. This activity implies adherence to this legal text, as well as to the Data Protection Policies published at each moment in which this website is accessed, as long as the User has expressly and unequivocally consented to such accession.

2. General conditions of use. Exclusion of warranties

The Company reserves the right to modify, at any time it deems appropriate, the access, configuration or content that is integrated into the Inquieto website, which may entail modification to the documents that are integrated within it pursuant to the new EU Regulation 2016/679, 27 April, General Data Protection (GDPR). (Legal Notice, Conditions of Use and Data Protection Policy).

The content offered through the Inquieto website is published for informational purposes and therefore can never be considered contractual documents or documents that generate obligations and rights. Access to the content does not imply any type of guarantee by the Company regarding its suitability, exhaustiveness or timeliness and that it is available to users through the Inquieto website. The Company assumes no liability, without prejudice to making its best efforts to keep any information that is erroneous or inaccurate updated and correct.

Any data provided through the Inquieto website will also be treated pursuant to the DATA PROTECTION POLICY published therein, with observance of the rules on confidentiality.

The Company does not guarantee uninterrupted availability or continuity to the operation of the Inquieto website in any particular section and reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to it in the event of technical failure, technological changes that require or advise it, or maintenance or improvement work, as well as the right to cease operating the Inquieto website. In any case, the Company assumes no liability for unavailability or non-continuity of the web service, to any user.

Inquieto therefore does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the Website or its content, so that its use by Users is at their own risk, without, at any time, being able to pursue liability for non-continuity or unavailability of its services.

Inquieto is not liable if there are interruptions to the service, delay, error, malfunction or, in general, other inconveniences that originate in causes beyond Inquieto’s control and/or due to a malicious act or fault of the User and/or caused by unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 1105 of the Civil Code, the concept of Force Majeure is also understood to include, and for the purposes of these general conditions, all events that are outside of Inquieto’s control, such as: failure of third parties, operators or service companies, government acts, inability to access third-party networks, acts or omissions of public authorities, those arising as a result of natural phenomena, blackout, etc., and attack by hackers, crackers or other third parties on the security or integrity of the computer system. In any case, whatever the cause, Inquieto does not assume any liability for direct or indirect damage, consequential damage and/or lost profit.

Inquieto excludes any liability for damage of any nature that may be due to inadequate truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the content transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available or received, obtained or accessed through the Website, nor on the content provided or offered by third parties or entities. Inquieto will make every endeavour to update and change information hosted on its Website that does not comply with the minimum veracity guarantees. However, it remains exempt from liability for not updating or modifying it, as well as for the content and information contained therein.

Inquieto is not liable for the content of the information compiled on the Website or for any opinions, comments, ratings or any other manifestation contained therein that is not issued directly by Inquieto.

Users undertake to make appropriate use of the content offered through the Inquieto website and not to use it to (1) engage in illicit or illegal activities or activities contrary to good faith and public order; (2) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic or illegal nature or that advocates terrorism or violates human rights; (3) cause damage to the Company’s computer systems; (4) introduce or spread computer viruses in the Company’s network or any other system that are likely to cause damage; (5) undertake activities related to decompiling or decrypting unauthorised content.

Access to the website is generally free of charge.

The Inquieto website has been created and is managed pursuant to the legal provisions applicable in Spain, specifically including those relating to Personal Data Protection, Information Society Services and intellectual and industrial property.

3. Links to and on other websites

The Company may include links to third-party websites on the Inquieto website. In these cases, Inquieto acts as a service provider pursuant to article 17 of Law 34/2002, 11 July, Information Society Services (hereinafter, the “LSSI”) and is only liable for the content and services provided on the Linked Sites to the extent that it has effective knowledge of the illegality or that third-party property or rights may be harmed and has not deactivated the link with due diligence.

Such links are included directly by Inquieto or its suppliers or contractors as they understand in good faith that, at the date of including them on the Website, they may be of interest to Users as they are a source of information. However, it does not assume any liability in relation to the operation and/or legal adequacy of such websites, nor in relation to the actions or omissions of those who operate them, or subsequent changes in their content. Please consult the legal conditions of each website you visit to learn about the obligations established for users. 

Nor can it guarantee that the content offered through them are lawful or that the services provided are of an appropriate and normally expected quality. However, the Company undertakes not to link to websites whose content implicitly carries messages about illegal, xenophobic activities and that are likely to infringe the principles of freedom and human dignity.

The presentation of this website in a window of a different website through the technique called “framing” is prohibited, unless express consent has been provided by the Company.

The insertion of any type of content on the Inquieto website on another website, other than when using the technique called “in line linking,” is prohibited if the Company has not expressly provided consent to do so.

Establishing hyperlinks on other websites that are directed to the home page of the Inquieto website or, if applicable, to any other internal page (“deep link”) on it is authorised, provided that the corresponding pages appear in a full window and under their respective IP addresses. Whoever establishes the hyperlink to this website assumes their full liability and risk.

Inquieto does not know the content and services of the Linked Sites, since once this content has been developed for third parties, it is the third parties who manage their own Websites. Inquieto is therefore not liable for damages arising due to illegality, quality, outdated, unavailability, error and uselessness of the content and/or services of the Linked Sites or for any other damage that is not directly attributable to Inquieto, except as provided in the aforementioned article 17 of the LSSI. If Users decide to visit and/or use any of the Linked Sites, they do so at their own risk and must take appropriate protection measures against virus or other harmful elements.

Third parties are not authorised to introduce links from their own websites to the Website without express consent from Inquieto.

If a third party is authorised to use the link https://www.soyinquieto.com/, it will do so respecting the limitations and purposes set forth in the authorisation itself. In this case, Inquieto may request, at any time and with no need to provide the reasons for this request, that any link to the Website be removed, after which the person liable for the linking website must immediately remove it.

4. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The User acknowledges and accepts that all Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights over each and every one of the elements that are part of the Inquieto website (including, without limitation, trademarks, logos, trade names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, videos, databases, software, flowcharts, source code in any format, presentation, “look-and-feel” and underlying technologies and procedures), at all times belong to the Company and/or its licensors and/or suppliers of technology, content, products and/or services, and as such are subject to the provisions of Spanish and international legal regulations regarding the protection of Intellectual and/or Industrial Property Rights.

In no case does the inclusion on this website of any information, document, image, sound or any other element that may be found imply waiver, assignment, license or transfer of rights to third parties. 

Any infringement of the provision established in this section is an infringement of the regulations on these matters that may lead to a civil and/or criminal claim.

If Users of this website consider that any of the content presented could infringe intellectual property rights or any other right in force, they must notify Inquieto via email info@soyinquieto.com.

It is expressly stated in these Conditions of Use that Users shall not acquire any right to modification, use, reproduction, distribution or public communication of any content or element integrated in the Inquieto website and that the use of the information is limited to the conditions established in this Legal Notice – Conditions of Use. In other words, it is for private and personal use.

Inquieto’s website contains mixed brands, logos or trade names that identify third parties. The fact that these distinctive signs are published does not authorise users to reproduce them. Please, previously consult with each holder of these signs to request their authorisation. These elements are published to endorse Inquieto’s work and know how. 

5. Safety

The Company recognises the importance of information security for the correct functioning of the Inquieto website and, consequently, has adopted and will maintain reasonable and adequate security measures at all times, in all cases complying with the provisions of current regulations on security measures for files containing personal data. The Company also uses commercially available virus detection programs to control all the content on its website.

Inquieto recommends that Users adopt certain security guidelines for browsing the net, including having updated antivirus software and keeping the operating system or applications enabled and/or executed updated.

6. Changes

The Company reserves the right to modify at any time the terms of this Legal Notice – Conditions of Use or the Data Protection Policy, as well as any other text, instructions or notices of a legal nature that may be applicable pursuant to current legislation.

These modifications will be communicated through the publication of the corresponding new text, indicating the date of entry into force (the publication date).

Please periodically consult the links to these legal texts.

7. General

If a competent authority declares the nullity of any of the provisions of this Legal Notice – Conditions of Use or of the Data Protection Policy, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and binding for both parties, unless this authority expressly resolves otherwise.

Similarly, in the event of conflict between the parties, the competent administrative or judicial bodies to address it will be established pursuant to current legal regulations at that time.

Any condition or provision of this Legal Notice that is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable will be excluded from it and will be considered inapplicable to the extent of such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability, and will be replaced by another that resembles the previous one as much as possible, although it will not affect or harm the remaining provisions, which will be excluded from any illegal, invalid or unenforceable condition or provision and will remain in full force and effect.

Inquieto excludes any type of guarantee and is therefore free from all liability derived from the points expressed previously, as well as from other aspects that may not be contemplated in this document.

The relationship between Inquieto and the Users is governed by current Spanish regulations and any controversy will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the User’s domicile.