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Long-term leasing of electric motorcycles

Our long-term leasing of electric motorcycles is the ideal solution for your ideal solution for your business if you want to outsource your fleet costs..

The leasing of these vehicles, which are maneuverable and 100% sustainable, means an external management for your fleet. external management of your fleetThe continuous adaptation to the needs of your trips and their replacement whenever required.

A particularly interesting for small companies that wish to avoid associated who wish to avoid associated costs and focus on their business.

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Any type of business or sector can benefit from the advantages of electric motorcycle leasing, sustainable mobility and its flexibility. flexibility.

The renting modality allows you to choose the choose the motorcycles that best suit your needs at any given moment and even have the and you can even count on the the advice of specialists to optimize to optimize their efficiency to the maximum.

At Inquieto we study your particular case and configure the best solution for you, choosing the most suitable electric motorcycles available for renting for your travels and preparing a personalized monthly budget. In addition, we take care of all the documentation, third party insurance, vehicle replacement… And we offer you a complete maintenance service.

Renting of electric motorcycles for companies

At Inquieto we advise you about the best electric motorcycles in renting for your businesshelping you to optimize your trips and to obtain the best efficiency.

We analyze your needs, we show you our catalog of electric motorcycles available in leasing mode, we choose the best solution for you and we prepare a monthly budget to suit your needs so that, during the agreed term, you only have to worry about your business. Once the term of the leasing contract has expired, you will not have any commitment with us and, if you wish, we will renew it together with your fleet.

The electric motorcycles in our leasing catalog are sustainable vehicles that can provide great benefits to the daily activity of a companyThey do not consume fuel, their maintenance and operating costs are lower than those of their combustion alternatives, they drive more smoothly, they comply with all environmental regulations and are therefore ideal for driving in urban and interurban environments without restrictions, etc.

To offer you the best service, Inquieto has more than 3,400 electric vehicles, 58 branches in Spain and Portugal and more than 300 workshops in the peninsula. Our fleet is composed entirely of electric vehicles with 0% emissions and no noise pollution.. And we offer a totally personalized attention.

Renting of electric motorcycles for different sectors

At Inquieto we will advise you on the best leasing solution to create or update the fleet of vehicles for your business, ensuring maximum performance.

Our electric motorcycles for rent, thanks to their compact design and great maneuverability compact design and great maneuverabilityThey can access any space and are 100% sustainable. Their autonomy allows for complete work shifts under a single load and, in addition, they are equipped with customizable trunks of different load capacities.

We offer a renting service of electric motorcycles designed to provide a solution to different solution to different applications in multiple sectors. All of them designed to get the maximum efficiency out of each movement and optimize each process. We have models of multi-purpose electric motorcycleswith great maneuverability, customizable trunks, ample autonomy and top speeds of up to 90 km/h.

We have 100% sustainable motorcycles in leasing mode adaptable to internal transport applications for, among others, the following sectors public or industrial sectoras well as delivery in the sectors of Last Mile or Food Deliverythanks to its small size. In any case, all the motorcycles in our catalog are prepared to ensure the greatest speed and reliability and the perfect condition of the load.

Advantages of electric motorcycle leasing

Contract the electric motorcycles for your fleet, instead of for your fleet, instead of leasing another type of vehicle or opting for combustion alternatives, means opting for sustainable transport, with reduced size and great maneuverability. sustainable transport, with a reduced size and great maneuverability..

This type of vehicle will allow you to reach any space quickly and safely quickly and safely and access narrow streets and even pedestrian streets avoiding traffic congestion, unlike other larger vehicles.

Particularly suitable for the Delivery sector, the wide range of range of trunks of our electric motorcycles for renting will provide a solution for transporting all types of small and medium-sized products. In addition, some of them can be driven on highways.

However, the main advantage of leasing electric motorcycles over buying them is the externalization of costs, the main advantage of leasing electric motorcycles over buying them is the externalization of costs.. With leasing, you are assured of a external managementThe result is a lower outlay, lower associated costs and fewer worries.

If you opt for leasing, you will be able to access the continuous adaptation of your fleet according to your needs. continuous adaptation of your fleet according to your needs or its substitution whenever required. Also, whenever you want you can count on the specialist advice to optimize your efficiency to optimize your efficiency and with other advantages such as the management of your documentation, third party insurance… And a complete maintenance service.



Take care of the environment with our electric scooters

Incorporating electric motorcycles into your business fleet is a sustainable and environmentally friendly sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.. This type of vehicle generates 0 emissions, so they do not put the environment at risk and can circulate in any space without restrictions thanks to the fact that they comply with all environmental regulations.

In addition, they offer great savings great savings since they do not consume fuel, their maintenance and operating costs are lower, their driving is more relaxed thanks to the absence of noise, they have tax benefits, etc.

Features of our electric motorcycle fleet

Our catalog of electric motorcycles in leasing mode includes vehicles adaptable to any type of business0 emissions and great maneuverability.

Inquieto’s electric scooters are perfect for perfect for optimizing all types of travel in urban and interurban in urban and interurban areas and have different load capacities according to the needs of each business.

Undecided about electric motorcycles for long-term leasing for your business? We will advise you on the ones that best suit your needs.

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