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Long-term leasing of electric quadricycles

The long term leasing of electric quadricycles is the ideal solution if you want to outsource the costs of your of your vehicle fleet.

Electric quadricycles are ideal vehicles both for commuting and for deliveries in many companies and sectors, thanks to their maneuverability, ergonomics and agility. maneuverability, ergonomics and agility..

By contracting our electric quadricycle leasing service, you will have access to the external management of your fleetwith its continuous adaptation to the needs of your business and the replacements that may be required.

Leasing is a particularly particularly interesting for small companies that do not wish to incur who do not wish to incur associated costs or prefer not to worry about it and focus on their business.

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Any type of business and sector can benefit from the advantages of electric quadricycle leasing and its flexibility. flexibility. The fact is that leasing allows you to choose the quadricycles that best suit your needs and even to have the specialist advice to optimize your efficiency. to optimize your efficiency to the maximum.

At Inquieto we study your particular case and configure the best solution for you, choosing the most suitable electric quadricycles available in renting for your travels and preparing a personalized monthly budget.

In addition, we take care of all the documentation, third party insurance, vehicle replacement… And we offer you a maintenance service including technical assistance, repairs and revisions.

Electric quadricycle leasing for companies

The electric quadricycle leasing from Inquieto electric quadricycles adapts to the mobility needs and requirements of a wide variety of businesses and sectors.

An electric cargo quadricycle operates like an electric motorcycle with the performance of a small van and offers high productivity and cost-effectiveness. high productivity and cost-effectiveness. In addition, it can carry loads of up to 1,000 liters of capacity.

At Inquieto we design the leasing of your electric quadricycles according to the particularities of your business and your sector. Our team of specialists will help you to optimize your trips by advising you on the ideal electric quadricycles for you.

We will study your needs, choose your vehicles from our extensive catalog, configure them, manage them and prepare a monthly personalized monthly budget. In addition, we will take care of all the documentation, third party insurance, vehicle replacement… And we will offer you a maintenance service that includes technical assistance, repairs and revisions.

And why else can you rely on Inquieto? Because we have a fleet of more than 3,400 electric vehicles, 58 branches in Spain and Portugal and more than 300 workshops in the peninsula. Because our fleet is composed entirely of electric vehicles with 0% emissions and no noise pollution. And because we offer a totally personalized attention.

Renting of light quadricycles for different industries

Inquieto’s electric quadricycle leasing offers a solution to solution to a multitude of applications in different sectors. A light electric quadricycle is the perfect vehicle both for the Last Mile and for the mobility needs of sectors such as Industrial, Leisure, Food Delivery or Public Service, among others.

Our electric quadricycles offer great ergonomics and agility in urban environments, thanks to their small size and zero emissions, allowing them to access any space. They put at your disposal a sustainable, fast and productive mobilityThey guarantee the safety of your drivers and have a load space of up to 1,000 liters of capacity and 250 kg.

Inquieto’s electric quadricycle leasing can provide a solution to a multitude of sectors. From the internal transport between administrations for the Public Service or between manufacturing plants for the Industrial sector, to the delivery service in the Last Mile. It is also adaptable for logistics services in the Leisure sector or for Food Delivery, guaranteeing the greatest speed and reliability of delivery as well as the perfect condition of the food, with isothermal version available.

Advantages of electric quadricycle leasing

Hiring an electric quadricycle rental instead of another type of vehicle means opting for a sustainable, compact and highly agile means of transport. sustainable, compact and highly agile transport.. A transport that will allow you to reach any space quickly and safely, thanks to the stability provided by the 4 wheels, avoiding traffic congestion.

A quadricycle offers both the advantages of a motorcycle and those of a van, as it it allows the transport of large loads. It is a vehicle adaptable to all types of sectors and offers all the benefits of a 100% electric motor.

There is no vehicle on the market similar to our PAXSTER CARGO electric quadricycle in terms of size or performance.

The leasing of your electric quadricycles offers you the possibility of externalize costsas opposed to your purchase. With leasing, you are assured of external management and less disbursement, associated costs and worries..

You can have access to the continuous adaptation of your vehicles according to your needs at any time and to their replacement whenever required. In addition, you can count on the expert advice from specialists to optimize your efficiency to the maximum and you do not have to worry about the management of documentation, third party insurance, maintenance…



Take care of the environment with our light electric quads

Choosing our electric quadricycles means choosing sustainable mobility.. They do not consume any fuel, so you will experience a significant savings. In addition, their maintenance and operating costs are very low.

Its driving is smooth and relaxed for the driver, avoiding annoying noises. They comply with all environmental regulations thanks to their electric motor, making them ideal for driving in urban and interurban environments without restrictions. In addition, they allow complete work shifts in electric mode.

Characteristics of our electric quadricycle fleet

Our electric quadricycles are distinguished by their lightness and its design oriented to optimize the mobility of any business. They have very small dimensions, great ergonomics, agility, stability thanks to their four wheels and are capable of carrying a wide variety of loads on their four wheels. personalized trunks.

In addition, they are 100% sustainable vehicles designed to maximize the efficiency of your trips without damaging the environment, while offering the greatest comfort and safety for the driver. comfort and safety for the driver..

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