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Long-term leasing of electric bicycles

Electric bicycles are the most the most sustainable mobility solution for your business.

Our long-term leasing provides you with the ideal option to outsource your fleet expenses, enjoy the benefits of outsourced fleet management, and benefit from the advantages of an external managementwith continuous adaptation to your needs and substitutions as required.

A particularly attractive for small companies that wish to avoid associated who wish to avoid associated costs and focus fully on their business.

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Long-term electric bike leasing is a flexible and valuable solution for any industry.. If you want to hire your renting in Inquieto, we will study your particular case and configure the best solution for you choosing the most suitable electric bikes for your mobility needs.

In addition, we prepare personalized monthly budgets and we take care of all documentation, third party insurance, replacements… and we take care of all the documentation, third party insurance, replacements… We offer you a maintenance service with technical assistance, repairs and revisions.

Renting of electric bicycles for companies

The pedal-assist cargo bikes available for renting and leasing. from our catalog are adaptable to a multitude of businesses. They are designed for getting the maximum efficiency out of your mobilityThey are completely sustainable and allow easy access to any street or space, avoiding traffic jams and congestion. They also have customizable trunks with different load capacities and are collapsible, making them and are collapsible, making transportation and storage much easier.

Not sure which electric bike to choose? Our specialists will advise you on the best electric bike rentals for your business in order to optimize your mobility and obtain the best efficiency.

At Inquieto we study the needs of your trips and your sector, we configure the vehicles that offer the best performance for your service and we manage your fleet. All maintenance included.

With more than 3,400 electric vehicles, 58 branches in Spain and Portugal and more than 300 workshops in the peninsula, we offer a totally personalized personalized attention and a 100% sustainable and a 100% sustainable vehicle catalog.

Renting of cargo bikes for different sectors

Inquieto’s electric bikes available for renting are designed to provide mobility solutions to various sectors. We have models ideal for backpack delivery, foldable and compact to access any space. Whether pedestrian or road, you will be able to move faster and more efficiently, for example, in cities with high traffic congestion.

Thanks to their folding feature, they are easy to transport. In addition, they allow the incorporation of a trunk with different load capacities, provide highThe new vehicles provide high autonomy and reach a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h.

Our electric bikes for rent are designed to designed to provide a solution to sectors such as Food Delivery or the Last Mile, but also to the Leisure sector, Public Servicebut also to the Leisure sector, Public Service… As well as to all those who demand sustainable, compact and maneuverable vehicles.

All of them are prepared to ensure the fastest and most and reliability of displacement. as well as the perfect condition of the load, both with backpack and trunk. In addition, their autonomy allows them to perform complete work shifts in electric modewith the comfort that this means for the rider.

Advantages of electric bicycle leasing

Hiring an electric bicycle rental as opposed to other transportation alternatives means betting on a 100% sustainable, compact and highly maneuverable fleet of vehicles. fleet of 100% sustainable, compact and highly maneuverable vehicles.. Our bikes will allow you to access any space quickly and easily, unlike other larger vehicles.

You will avoid traffic congestion and offer a much faster and more efficient much faster and more efficient serviceThe company can even make deliveries in pedestrian areas. Likewise, riders do not need to have specific driving licenses to operate them. for their handling, so you will not need specialized personnel.

Our electric bikes for rent can be transported and stored very easilyThey can also be used to move a multitude of products, guaranteeing their quality, both by means of a backpack and a trunk.

As for the main advantage of long-term leasing of electric bicycles over purchasing, the main advantage is undoubtedly the externalization of costs. With our leasing service you are assured of external management, a much lower outlay, lower associated costs and very few worries.

In addition, you will have access to continuous substitutions and adaptations and, whenever you want, you will be able to count on the advice of our advice from specialists and enjoy other advantages such as documentation management, third party insurance or a maintenance service with technical assistance, repairs and overhauls.



Take care of the environment with our electric bicycles

Our electric bicycle leasing is the most sustainable and the most sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility solution.. They allow access to all types of urban and interurban spaces thanks to their zero emissions and compliance with all environmental regulations. In addition, they allow entire work shifts in electric mode, they do not consume fuel, their maintenance and operating costs are very low and their driving is more relaxed for the rider.

Features of our fleet of electric bikes for lease

Our electric bicycles for renting are vehicles adaptable to any business and ideal for backpack delivery. They are designed to optimize to the maximum any displacementIt can access all types of spaces thanks to its reduced dimensions. They can incorporate trunks of different capacities according to the needs of each business and allow driving in urban and interurban areas avoiding traffic congestion and achieving shorter delivery times.

Don’t know which electric bikes to choose? We advise you on the ones that best suit the particularities of your business and maximize your efficiency.

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