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Solutions for the Last Mile

The rise of e-commerce and the new age of delivery

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In the era of e-commerce and the last mile, it is essential for companies to opt for efficient and sustainable mobility. efficient and sustainable mobility to meet the needs of modern cities.

Our electric vehicles are designed to designed to meet the challenges of the last mile. with maximum efficiency and 0% emissions. An ideal choice for the urban distribution of both traditional commerce as well as e-commerce.

From scooters to rugged cargo vehicles, we offer customized solutions that guarantee maximum efficiency. Alternative vehicles with capacities and characteristics adapted to the demands of the sector: compact, maneuverable and safe for the environment and the operator, with customizable high-capacity trunks.

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Tailor-made electric fleets, 100% sustainable

Shipping and parcels.
Food Delivery.
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Our electric vehicles for the leisure sector

Our portfolio includes pedal-assisted vehicles, such as bicycles or tricycles with enclosed boxes. We also have a wide variety of mopeds and motorcycles, with trunks from 100 to 350 liters. We also offer alternative vehicles, such as tricycles, electric quadricycles or compact electric vans. And vans with large load capacities, paneled and with the possibility of isothermal.

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Long-term leasing

Integral electric vehicle leasing service for the automotive industry. Last mileFlexible and adapted to the needs of each business.

Short-term rental

We facilitate the short-term rental of electric vehicles to cover temporary needs. At Inquieto we take care of the whole process.

For sale

We prepare electric vehicles and simplify the procurement process so that they can be easily integrated into every business.


We take care of the maintenance of electric vehicles so that fleets are always kept in optimal conditions.

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We provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.

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