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The new European regulations for charging electric vehicles

nueva normativa europea para la recarga de vehículos eléctricos

Europe continues to commit to sustainable mobility and electric vehicles as a means of reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. And it is doing this now wanting to boost the electric vehicle charging systems in all the countries of the EU territory with a new regulation which just came out of Brussels and which will […]

The last mile in the summer sales

Cartel rebajas

Walking through the streets of any city at this time of year involves several things. Firstly: you’re definitely going to be hot. Secondly: each display window of every store that you find along the way will display striking signs that say SALES in very large letters. And the start of summer brings with it a […]

New speed limits in cities and last mile

Inquieto - regulations - 5

The speed limits implemented in recent years in Spanish cities can be difficult to maintain at times. It is normal that the new traffic regulations on the regulation of speed limits on urban roads and crossings seems misplaced right after its start-up as drivers have been following regulations for years that have now been modified. […]