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Long-term leasing of electric vans

The long-term electric van leasing from Inquieto is the ideal solution for your travels if you wish to outsource the costs of a 100% sustainable and fleet of 100% sustainable vehicles with high load capacity..

Long-term leasing will give you access to outsourced fleet management. external management of your fleetto its continuous adaptation to the needs of your business and to the replacement of your vehicles whenever required.

A flexible and adaptable flexible and adaptable to every type of business and sectorespecially interesting for small for small companies that do not wish to incur who do not wish to incur associated costs or prefer not to worry about it and focus on their business.

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Renting of electric vans for companies

Would you like us to advise you on the best electric vans available for leasing for your business? In Inquieto we help you by choosing the vehicles that will make your trips more profitable and efficient..

We study and analyze your needs, select your electric vans from our extensive catalog, configure them, manage them and prepare a personalized personalized monthly budget. In addition, we take care of all documentation, third party insurance, vehicle replacement… And we offer a maintenance service that includes technical assistance, repairs and overhauls.

Inquieto’s vans are vehicles for sustainable vehicles for sustainable mobility that will bring a multitude of benefits to the daily activity of your businesswhatever the sector in which you operate. They do not consume fuel, their maintenance and operating costs are lower than those of their combustion alternatives, they are smoother to drive, they comply with all environmental regulations, etc.

At Inquieto we offer a totally personalized attention and we have a fleet of more than 3,400 electric vehicles, 58 branches in Spain and Portugal and more than 300 workshops in the peninsula to offer you the best service. Our fleet is composed entirely of zero-emission and zero-noise vehicles to optimize any trip while taking care of the environment.

Renting of electric vans for different industries

Our portfolio of vehicles in long-term leasing mode includes electric vans ready to provide solutions to a wide variety of travel or delivery solution to a wide variety of transportation or delivery needs in different sectors..

We have vehicles prepared for applications ranging from internal parcel transport between administrations in the Public Service or between manufacturing plants in the Industrial sector, to the delivery service in the Last Mile or in the Food Delivery sector, among others, guaranteeing the perfect condition of the load or, where appropriate, food, with models in isothermal version.

Our zero-emission electric vans have large load capacities and customizable boxes, while offering ample autonomy and maximum speeds.

In addition, at Inquieto we have an electric van in leasing mode specially configured to serve supermarkets and distribution chains, the SUPERINQUIETO, with internal shelves, independent boxes, etc.

Advantages of leasing electric vans

Long-term leasing of an electric van means opting for a sustainable vehicle, unlike its combustion alternatives, with high load capacity and maneuverability in urban environments.

With our electric vans for rent you will be able to access any space access any space quickly and safely, unlike larger vehicles such as a conventional van or truckUnlike larger vehicles such as a conventional van or truck, you can transport large and heavy loads, as opposed to smaller vehicles.

Our electric vans are adaptable to all sectors and offer you all the benefits of a 100% electric motor.

On the other hand, the outsourcing of costs is the main advantage of opting for the leasing of electric vans over their purchase. With fleet leasing, you can be assured of a external managementThe cost of outsourcing, a much lower outlay, lower associated costs and far fewer worries.

If you choose leasing to create or renew your fleet, you will be able to continuously adapt your vehicles to your business continuously adapt your vehicles according to the needs of your business at any given time, or access their or access to their replacement whenever required.

In addition, you will have the advice of specialists to optimize your efficiency to optimize your efficiency to the maximum and with the external management of your documentation, third party insurances… As well as a maintenance service with technical assistance, repairs and revisions.



Renting of electric vans at the best price

We prepare a personalized monthly budget for each business for each business based on their mobility needs and we offer competitive prices for competitive prices for those companies that do not wish to make large outlays or do not want to see their expenses grow.

Our electric van leasing includes ongoing consulting, fleet configuration and management, maintenance, documentation and much more.. In addition, once the term of your leasing contract has expired, you will not have any commitment with us and, if you wish, you can renew it together with your fleet.

Take care of the environment with our electric vans

Choosing a van from Inquieto means opting for a sustainable and environmentally sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicle that generates 0 emissions, does not put the environment at risk and can circulate in any space without restrictions thanks to the fact that it complies with all environmental regulations.

In addition, it offers great savings great savings since it does not consume fuel, its maintenance and operating costs are lower, its driving is more relaxed thanks to the absence of noise, etc.

Features of our fleet of electric vans

Do you want to know more about our electric vans in leasing mode? Contact us now and we will advise you on the ones that best suit your needs.

Our portfolio of 100% sustainable vans is designed to optimize the mobility of all kinds of businesses. These vehicles replace conventional vans with zero-emission, small-size alternatives.accessing to final delivery points where they do not reach.

Inquieto’s electric cargo vans adapt to a multitude of sectors and offer a wide load capacity adjustable to the needs of each project. adjustable to the needs of each project.. If you are looking for a van to add to your fleet, Inquieto will advise you to maximize its efficiency.

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