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Distribution of perishable products: all the keys

reparto de productos perecederos

The distribution of perishable products is a crucial challenge in the supply chain and, without a doubt, special care needs to be taken to guarantee that the products reach their destination in optimal conditions. From fresh food to temperature-sensitive medications, transporting perishable goods involves a number of specific considerations and solutions. In this post, we will explain the essential keys to the successful distribution of perishable products. 

What do we regard as perishable products?

Perishable products are those which have a limited shelf life, in other words, they can deteriorate over time, with exposure to contraindicated temperatures or with humidity. This definition includes a wide range of products of various kinds, from fresh food (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish) to pharmaceuticals, flowers and other items which require controlled storage and transport conditions to maintain their quality and safety.

productos perecederos


Delivering perishable products presents unique challenges. The need to maintain the proper temperature and prevent cross-contamination are critical issues which must be effectively addressed to avoid waste and ensure customer satisfaction. Here we have mentioned the three most important challenges that the last mile service of any business which works with perishable products has to face: the cold chain, delivery times and handling.

  • Cold chain

The cold chain is a key factor in the distribution of perishable products. Maintaining a suitable temperature throughout the entire supply chain, from the point of origin to the final destination, is essential to preserve the quality and safety of products. This involves the use of cooling and insulation technologies in transport and storage vehicles.

  • Delivery times

Perishable products often have tight delivery deadlines. Speed and punctuality are essential to ensure products reach consumers before they expire. Delivery routes must be carefully planned to minimise transit time and maximise efficiency.

  • Handling

Proper handling of perishable products is essential to prevent damage and ensure that they arrive in optimal condition. Training employees in proper handling techniques and the use of specifically designed packaging to protect products are crucial measures to minimise the risk of deterioration during transport.

Solutions for optimal delivery

The configuration of any delivery system for perishable products must take into account the challenges faced when making decisions about the vehicles used, route planning, technologies, packaging… employees, etc. So, we would like to mention some solutions to guarantee optimal deliveries.

  • Use of vehicles adapted to the needs of the product and the delivery routes. Manoeuvrable vehicles with access to all types of spaces to guarantee speedy, efficient deliveries, as well as vehicles equipped with isothermal systems whenever required.reparto de productos perecederos
  • Deployment of tracking and monitoring technology. The use of sensors and real-time monitoring devices allows the location and temperature conditions of products to be tracked at all times, facilitating early intervention in case of problems.
  • Use of adapted packaging. Insulated, temperature-resistant packaging is essential to maintain the cold chain during transport. In addition, packaging design that minimises handling and direct contact with products can help prevent damage.
  • Route planning. Optimising delivery routes considering factors such as distance, traffic and weather conditions can reduce transit times and improve efficiency in the delivery of perishable products.

Here at Inquieto we have solutions for both the food delivery and hospitality sector as well as for the pharmacy sector. Electric vehicles specially designed for the delivery of perishable products, ensuring fast, efficient and safe deliveries. In this way, the quality of your products will never be compromised and the satisfaction of your customers will be a success.


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