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Short-term rental of electric bicycles

The short term rental of electric bicycles is an excellent way to make your temporary business mobility solutions more sustainable. In addition, this service allows you to save money and avoid the work of managing your own fleet.

Let the experts take care of everythingWe adapt your fleet to your needs and replace your electric bicycles whenever necessary. Access 100% sustainable vehicles quickly, flexibly, for as long as you want, at affordable prices.

Our electric bike rental is perfect for perfect for new or small businesses who want to save on expenses and simplify their operations.

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Short-term rental of electric bicycles is a versatile and valuable option for all sectors. versatile and valuable option for all sectors.. At Inquieto, we analyze your specific situation to find your perfect sustainable mobility solution, selecting the best electric bikes for rent for your business.

We offer you personalized quotes for the period of time you require the vehiclesWe take care of all the paperwork, insurance and, if you need to change a bike, we do it without any problem. In addition, you have at your disposal a maintenance service including technical support, repairs and overhauls.

Short-term rental of electric bicycles for companies

Our catalog includes electric cargo bikes for rent perfect for multiple business applications. They are made to improve your mobility, they are fully sustainable and allow you to move easily anywhereavoiding traffic jams. In addition, they come with cargo compartments of different sizes that you can customize that you can customize and are easy to foldwhich simplifies transport and storage.

If you have doubts about which electric bike to choose, our team is ready to recommend the best short-term rental options. best short-term rental options for your business, in order to make your mobility more efficient. We analyze how you move and what your business needs to offer you the most suitable vehicles and we take care of managing your fleet, including maintenance.

With a fleet of more than 3,400 electric vehicles, a presence in 58 locations in Spain and Portugal and more than 300 workshops in the peninsula, we guarantee you a personalized service and a selection of 100% sustainable vehicles.

Cargo bike rental for different sectors

Inquieto’s electric bicycles for rental ensure fast and safe travelkeeping your cargo in perfect condition, whether you use a backpack or a cargo compartment. In addition, its battery lasts long enough to cover a full work shift, providing great comfort to the user.

These vehicles are intended for services such as food delivery or last mile logistics. Also for the leisure sector, public services or any sector that needs sustainable and easy-to-operate vehicles..

In short, our electric bicycles for rent can be adapted to a wide range of mobility needs. We offer models foldable and compact to fit anywhere, be it pedestrian areas or roads, allowing you to move quickly even in congested cities.

Foldable design for easy transport. In addition, you can add a The cargo compartment is available in various sizes.They are capable of traveling long distances on a single charge and can reach up to 25 km/h (16 mph).

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Advantages of short-term electric bicycle rental

The biggest advantage of renting electric bicycles on a short-term basis instead of buying them is undoubtedly the reduction of costs. cost reduction. By renting, you delegate management and reduce expenses and worries. In addition, you can benefit from constant changes and improvements to your fleet.You can count on expert advice and enjoy additional benefits such as paperwork management, insurance and a complete maintenance service.

Choosing to rent electric bicycles in the short term instead of using other means of transport is to opt for completely sustainable, easy to handle and compact vehicles. vehicles that are completely sustainable, easy to handle and compact.. With our bikes, you will be able to get anywhere easily, without the limitations of larger vehicles.

You’ll forget about traffic jams and you’ll be able to make faster and more efficient traveleven in pedestrian-only areas. In addition, these bicycles do not require special permits, can be transported and stored without complications and are ideal for transporting a wide variety of productsThe products can be stored in a backpack or in a cargo compartment, ensuring their perfect condition.



Take care of the environment with our electric bicycles

Renting our electric bikes is the most sustainable way to get around. You can get anywhere, both in and out of the city, without emitting pollutants and in compliance with all environmental laws.. These bikes allow you to work all day on battery power, without wasting gas. In addition, they are economical in maintenance and use, and make the trip smoother for those who drive them.

Electric bikes for rent at the best price

Our short term electric bicycle rental service offers versatile vehicles, perfect for any company or freelancer. With a compact and foldable design that facilitates agility and access to hard-to-reach places, these bicycles are an effective solution to optimize any commute.

Doubts about which model of electric bike best suits your needs? Our team is ready to guide you to the options that best align with the specific requirements of your company, raising your productivity to the maximum.

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