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Short-term rental of electric vans

Ehe short term electric van rental service is ideal for businesses looking to outsource the management of a sustainable and highly is ideal for those businesses looking for external management of a sustainable fleet with high load capacity, without having to assume the direct costs.

Temporary rental offers the possibility of having an external professional management of your vehicles, constant adaptability to the changing needs of your company and the ease of changing vehicles as needed.

Access electric vans quickly and with no duration commitments to meet your temporary mobility needs with our fully flexible and customizable short-term rental service.

Rely on a versatile versatile solutionsolution, ideal for any company or industry but particularly valuable for small businesses looking to avoid that seek to avoid additional expenses and want to focus fully on their operations.

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Short-term electric van rental for businesses

Interested in receiving guidance on the most suitable electric vans for short-term rental? Choose the vehicles that will boost the efficiency and profitability of your company’s relocations with Inquieto: we are ready to help you by selecting the right vehicles for you. models that best suit your needs from our extensive catalog.

We dedicate ourselves to thoroughly understand what you need, we choose the ideal electric vans for rent for your case, we prepare them, we manage them and we offer you a tailor-made quotation for the period you are going to use them. and offer you a tailor-made quotation for the period you are going to use them.r. We also take care of all the necessary documentation, insurance, vehicle exchange… And we provide a complete maintenance service.

Inquieto’s electric vans for rent are the key to achieving 100% sustainable mobility. 100% sustainable mobility. They do not use gasoline or diesel, which means that their operating and maintenance costs are lower, they offer a smooth ride, they comply with all environmental laws…

We offer you a completely personalized service. We have a fleet of more than 3,400 electric vehicles, 58 branches in Spain and Portugal and more than 300 workshops throughout the peninsula to ensure the best possible service.

Rental of electric vans for different sectors

In our short term rental offer you will find a wide selection of electric vans ready to meet transportation demands in any sector.

We have vans equipped for tasks that range from the transport of documents and parcels within the scope of the public service or the material transfer between production areas in the industry, up to the realization of efficient last-mile deliveries or in the food delivery fieldThe cargo integrity is ensured at all times, with isothermal equipment options.

Our electric vans for short term rental also stand out for their considerable cargo capacity and adjustable compartments. considerable load capacity and adjustable compartments, providing extensive rangeThey also provide a long range of use and optimal speeds.

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Advantages of short-term electric van rental

Choosing an electric van for short-term rental means opting for a sustainable option with ample cargo capacity and easy maneuverability in the city. large load capacity and great maneuverability in the city, unlike fuel vans or large trucks.unlike fuel vans or large trucks.

With the rental of our compact electric vans you will be able to access narrow spaces access narrow spaces quickly and safelytransporting bulky loads that smaller vehicles could not handle. They are suitable for any sector, offering the benefits of an all-electric motor.

By opting for leasing to upgrade your fleet you will be able to modify your vehicles as required by your business or change them when necessary. You will also receive expert advice to get the most out of your performance, management of all necessary documentation and you will enjoy a full maintenance service. maintenance service..

The cost reduction is a key benefit of renting electric vans on a short-term basis rather than buying them. By renting, you get hassle-free fleet management, save money, reduce extra expenses and free yourself from worries.



Take care of the environment with our electric vans

Selecting an Inquieto van means choosing a zero-emission vehicle that moves freely anywhere without harming the environment. In addition, it entails a significant cost savings as it does not use fuel and has reduced maintenance and operating costs. The driving experience is also quieter and more pleasant, free of disturbing noises.

Electric vans for rent at the best price

Interested in adding electric vans to your fleet through short-term rental? Contact us to receive guidance on the most suitable options for your company.

We create tailor-made budgets to perfectly adapt to the mobility needs of each company, keeping our prices within the reach of those businesses looking to control their expenses without committing to large investments.

We offer a wide range of fully sustainable vans, designed to improve the logistics of different types of businesses. At Inquieto we help you choose the best van to integrate into your fleet and advise you on how to get the most out of it.

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