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Short-term rental of electric motorcycles

Hire the electric scooter rental for short periods of time Inquieto for a 100% sustainable and affordable mobility. Our short-term rental service is ideal for companies that want to minimize the costs of managing their own fleet.

Meet your temporary mobility needs with our short-term rental service. Hire your electric scooters quickly, flexibly and with no duration commitments at competitive prices.

Rent agile and fully sustainable electric scooters, an external solution for the management of your fleet, ensuring constant adaptability to the requirements of your transfers. constant adaptability to the requirements of your transfers and the and the possibility to change them as you need.

This service is very beneficial for small businesses looking to reduce redundant expenses and devote more resources and attention to their core operations.

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Short-term electric scooter rentals are a beneficial option for companies of any size and sector because of their adaptability and its commitment to sustainability.

This rental option offers the freedom to select the freedom to select the motorcycles that best suit the specific needs of your business, with expert advice on how to get the most out of them.with the possibility of receiving expert advice on how to get the most out of them.

At Inquieto we perform a detailed analysis of your specific situation to create the optimal solution, selecting the electric scooters from our rental catalog that best meet your mobility needs and preparing an tailor-made economic proposal. We take care of all the administrative management, including insurance and vehicle changes, and we provide you with a maintenance service.

Short-term electric scooter rental for companies

We advise you on the electric motorcycles for rent for your company, in order to improve your trips and maximize efficiency.

We study what you need, we present you the best options available for rent from our catalog, we select the ideal option for you and we prepare you a personalized quotation..

During the rental period you will be able to focus completely on your business without any additional worries. And at the end of the rental period, the decision to renew and upgrade your fleet is entirely yours, with no ongoing obligations.

The electric motorcycles we offer for rent are 100% sustainable options that provide numerous advantages for your company’s day-to-day operations: they do not require fuel, they are more economical to maintain than their combustion alternatives, offer a smoother ride, comply with environmental laws and are perfect for getting around urban areas without limitations.

At Inquieto we guarantee a personalized service for each client and we have a wide range of more than 3,400 electric vehicles, we are present in 58 locations in Spain and Portugal and we have more than 300 workshops throughout the peninsula. Our fleet is all-electric, emission and noise free.

Rental of electric motorcycles for different sectors

Our service of our short term electric motorcycle rental service is designed to meet the demands of demands of different industries..

Each bike is designed to maximize travel efficiency and streamline work processes. Our range includes versatile electric scooterswith excellent maneuverability, customizable charging compartments, long battery life and speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph).

We have 100% sustainable motorcycles available for rent, perfect for transport tasks in sectors such as public or industrial, or for all kinds of business or for business travel, as well as being ideal for last mile delivery or food delivery. delivery in last mile or food delivery areas.thanks to its compact size. All the motorcycles in our catalog are prepared to provide the fastest and most reliable service, ensuring the integrity of the load in each movement.

Our electric motorcycles available for rental stand out for their agility, facilitating access to any place. They are equipped to complete full working days on a single load and offer load compartments adjustable to specific load requirements.

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Advantages of short-term electric motorcycle rental

The great advantage of renting electric motorcycles instead of opting to buy is the reduction of costs. cost reduction. Leasing allows you to outsource the management, save a large upfront cost, reduce additional expenses and forget the hassle.

By leasing you will have the flexibility to flexibility to upgrade your fleet as needed or change it when necessary.. In addition, you will be able to benefit from expert advice to improve to improve your performance, as well as the management of all necessary documentation, insurance and a complete maintenance service.

Choosing to rent electric motorcycles for your trips instead of other types of vehicles or combustion models means choosing a more sustainable, compact and agile means of transportation.

These motorcycles facilitate fast and safe travel to any destination.They even allow you to drive through narrow streets or pedestrian areas without the traffic difficulties you would face with larger vehicles.

In addition to being used on the road, they are perfect for delivery, as our wide range of electric scooters for rentOur wide range of electric scooters for rent includes options with different sizes of cargo compartments, suitable for small and medium-sized products, and some are even suitable for highway use.



Take care of the environment with our electric scooters

Choosing electric motorcycles for your commute is one more step towards sustainable mobility. The fact is that these vehicles do not emit pollutantsThey are environmentally friendly and allow free access to different areas without worrying about environmental restrictions.

In addition, by using no fuel and having low maintenance and operating costs, you can enjoy significant savings. At the same time, the driving experience of these vehicles is quieter because they do not generate noise.

Electric motorcycles for rental at the best price

Our selection of electric motorcycles available for short-term rental offers versatile solutions for companies in all industries. versatile solutions for companies in all sectorscharacterized by zero emissions and exceptional agility.

Inquieto’s motorcycles stand out for their efficiency of movement both within the city and on longer journeys, adapting to different load options. different loading options to meet to meet the specific demands of your company.

If you find yourself undecided about which electric motorcycle to choose for temporary rental for your business, we are here to guide you towards the most suitable options, taking into account the unique needs of your activity.

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