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Short-term rental of electric tricycles

Do you want to reduce the costs associated with maintaining a fully sustainable vehicle fleet? Opt for the short term rental of electric tricycles or pedal-assisted cargo tricycles can be the perfect solution for businesses that need agile, emission-free, compact vehicles capable of carrying large loads.

Our short-term rentals are designed to meet your temporary mobility needs without having to invest a large budget. Hire your electric tricycles quickly, flexibly and with no time commitments.

By renting electric tricycles with Inquieto, you will benefit from a service that includes the complete complete management of your fleetYou will benefit from a service that includes full fleet management, constant adjustments according to your company’s specific needs and the option to change vehicles whenever you need to.

This option is especially attractive for small businesses small businesses looking to avoid extra expenses or who prefer to free themselves from operational concerns to focus entirely on their growth and operations.

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The electric or pedal-assist tricycles for rent offer significant benefits to a wide offer significant benefits to a wide range of businesses and industries.

Opting for a temporary rental gives you a great deal of versatility great versatilityallowing you to select the tricycles that best suit your changing needs and have expert guidance to maximize their performance.

Short-term rental of electric tricycles for companies and freelancers

Choose the most suitable electric tricycles for rent for your company with the help of our experts. expertsWe will help you to improve your travels and maximize your efficiency.

At Inquieto, we analyze your specific needs and create a tailor-made tailor-made proposalSelecting the tricycles from our rental catalog that best match your activity. We also offer you a budget adapted to your requirementsWe manage all administrative procedures, insurance and vehicle changes and provide a complete maintenance service.

All our tricycles are fully sustainable and ready to make a positive contribution to your business, whatever your area of operation. We guarantee you a tailor-made servicewith more than 3,400 electric vehicles at your disposal, 58 service points in Spain and Portugal and access to more than 300 workshops throughout the peninsula to ensure an exceptional experience.

Rental of cargo tricycles for different industries

We offer electric tricycles for short term flexible rentalsideal for a wide range of uses such as last-mile deliveries, utilities, leisure, entertainment or food delivery. These solutions are designed to maximize efficiency on every trip and make every operation more sustainable.

We will provide you with expert advice to ensure that the electric tricycles you select meet your exact needs. All of them are versatile vehicles and are ready to face different challenges. We offer electric tricycle models of leading brandsequipped to improve every movement, guaranteeing speed, safety and the integrity of the transported cargo..

Our electric tricycles for rent offer greater stability and safety than other alternatives, thanks to its three-wheel design. Equipped with long-life batteries and capable of speeds of up to 90 km/h, these tricycles can even travel on highways. In addition, some models even come with a canopy to protect the driverimproving the driver’s driving experience.

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Advantages of short-term electric tricycle rental

What are the advantages of choosing to rent instead of buying? Short-term leasing presents the cost outsourcing as its main benefit. This modality guarantees a external management, requires less initial outlay and reduces concerns and associated costs..

If you decide to rent, you will have flexibility to adapt your vehicles according to the changing needs of your business and replace them when necessary. In addition, you will receive specialized advice to optimize your efficiency to optimize your efficiency and a complete management of documentation, insurance and a comprehensive maintenance service. maintenance.

Renting electric tricycles versus other transportation options means choosing compact, sustainable and highly maneuverable vehicles. choosing compact, sustainable and highly maneuverable vehicles. Both Inquieto’s electric tricycles and pedal-assist cargo tricycles offer quick and easy access to any space, unlike larger vehicles.



Take care of the environment with our electric tricycles

Opting for our electric tricycles instead of combustion alternatives means choosing completely sustainable vehicles. choosing fully sustainable vehicles. Our tricycles are emission-free vehicles with the ability to circulate in any environment without restrictions or generation of noise pollution. They make it possible to complete entire working days in electric mode, which translates into a significant savings for your business by eliminating the need for fuels and reducing maintenance and operating costs considerably.

Electric tricycles for rent at the best price

The electric tricycles available for rental at Inquieto are highly maneuverable vehicles designed to enhance every movement and access any space thanks to their compact size. This feature helps to avoid traffic congestion and guarantees fast and efficient service. In addition, these tricycles offer adjustable load capacities according to specific needs.

Are you undecided about which cargo trike to choose? Our team of experts is here to advise you and help you select those that best suit the particularities of your business or project, thus maximizing its efficiency.

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