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CENNTRO METRO Compact Electric Van Features

The CENNTRO METRO small-sized electric van is designed to optimize is designed to optimize urban delivery not only by by replacing conventional trucks with alternative zero-emission vehicles, but also by reaching final delivery points where others do not reach.but also reaching final delivery points where others do not. With a load capacity of 700 kgit has a customizable customizable box both in the interior and in its opening.. It also incorporates rearview camera, power steering and central locking.

CENNTRO METRO at the best price

Maximize the performance of your last mile logistics routes by incorporating the CENNTRO METRO compact electric van into your fleet with the best value for money. Choose the modality that best suits the particularities of your business: leasing or purchase.

Contract the leasing of the CENNTRO METRO compact electric van from 536€ per month with maintenance included. if you want to outsource your fleet management and minimize your investment. O buy the van on demand at the best price if you want to be the one who makes all the decisions.

CENNTRO METRO compact electric van applications for your company

The CENNTRO METRO compact electric van is ready to meet a wide variety of delivery needs. A vehicle designed for applications ranging from internal parcel transport between administrations or manufacturing plants to the delivery service of any type of business, guaranteeing the perfect condition of the products transported, as well as the food (with isothermal version models available).
This model replaces large vehicles such as trucks, vehicles that cannot access all types of spaces due to their size. On the other hand, the CENNTRO METRO compact electric van goes where others do not and offers a very high load capacity: 4.5 m3 of total volume and 700 kg of load, with configurable opening and internal structure. It is therefore ideal for urban and intercity delivery, being able to access narrow spaces in a completely sustainable way. And being able to transport all types of products guaranteeing their speedy delivery and perfect condition at destination.
The CENNTRO METRO’s range of between 130 and 260 km (80 and 260 miles) will allow you to travel your routes without worry, while relying on the energy generated by its innovative regenerative braking system. In short, an ideal vehicle to incorporate into any delivery fleet, comfortable and safe for the driver and the environment, which reaches a speed of 85 km/h and a surmountable slope of 20%.

Want to know more?

Contact us now to learn more about the CENNTRO METRO compact electric van. We will give you personalized advice and offer you the best solution to optimize your routes according to your needs. Achieve maximum efficiency with Inquieto.

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