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Advantages of electric vehicles with a removable battery

Removable batteries are already a reality in electric vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles or tricycles. The future has become the present and removable batteries have become the way to go for manufacturers. And for good reason. Their use affords great advantages: they constitute a sustainable alternative and vehicles with this portable system are accessible to any type of public. Not just for the few! So if you are thinking of renewing or creating your business fleet, you should consider incorporating vehicles with removable batteries. Here’s why:

Advantages of removable batteries

  • Economic saving

Self-evidently, an electric vehicle with a removable battery does not consume fuel and this, per se, already represents a major saving. These vehicles are powered by electricity. And whilst it is true that their price has increased in recent months, charging a removable vehicle battery at a normal power outlet located on the premises of a business or even at home does not cost more than charging any other electrical device.

What’s more, the repair costs of these batteries are noticeably lower than those of electric vehicles with a fixed battery. Making any type of repair to a battery installed on the chassis of a vehicle is a much more complex, expensive task than doing it to a battery that is prepared for easy removal. Something to bear in mind in the long run!

  • Greater accessibility

Motorcycles, bicycles or tricycles with removable batteries are accessible vehicles for the majority of the population as they can be charged at any domestic outlet as if they were a mobile phone. No need for any special home charging points as occurs with other types of electric vehicles, but rather their battery can be recharged at your business premises using standard or Schuko sockets.

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In this way, if you need to leave your fleet vehicles in the street because you do not have enough space to park them inside your facilities, you can do so without any inconvenience. This is because you can remove their battery and charge them in any space with a power outlet. After you’ve charged it, you can put it back in and the vehicle will be ready to do many more kilometres on the road.

In this regard, you need to bear in mind that, depending on the size of the battery and the energy consumed, completing a charge can take several hours. However, you can always perform this process during non-operational hours of your business.

  • Optimisation of time and routes

Committing to electric vehicles with removable batteries means opting for the optimisation of your time and your business routes. No more having to stop to refuel or charge your vehicle for hours. With electric vehicles fitted with removable batteries, your routes will be modified, so you will save time every day. You will only have to charge the batteries during the non-operational hours of your business so that they are ready for the trips scheduled for the next day.

  • Greater autonomy

The autonomy of your vehicles will multiply because if the battery of one of them runs out half way through a route, this can always be changed to another battery which is fully charged and continue operating normally, without holding up your performance. You can make the change at your business facility where you store and charge the batteries of your fleet vehicles. You should know that the rider or driver of a vehicle cannot carry an extra battery with him/her owing to their weight.

Inquieto vehicles with removable batteries

Here at Inquieto we have a vast catalogue of vehicles with removable batteries. One example is the motorcycle model SILENCE S02 HS, ideal for internal transport in the Industrial Sector as well as for distribution in the Parcel, Pharma or Food Delivery sectors. Its removable 5.5 kWh battery is fully charged in 8 hours.

Our LVNENG LX08 electric motorcycle also has a removable battery, an ideal vehicle for the Industrial, Pharma, Food Delivery or Parcel sectors. It offers a range of 120 km and has 2 removable 1.4 kWh batteries that can be fully charged in 6 hours. The URBAN D80 model, in turn, offers 100 km of autonomy and has a removable 3.3 kWh battery (with an optional extra battery) that allows it to be charged in 6 hours. And the LVNENG LX05 model, especially designed for Food Delivery and Shipping and Parcels, offers a range of 150 km and has 2 removable 1.5 kWh batteries which can be fully charged in 6 hours.

As far as our LITTIUM IBIZA electric bike is concerned, it offers a range of 100 km and has 2 removable 0.5 kWh batteries that take 3 hours to fully charge. Likewise, our BKL 850 electric tricycle model offers a range of 65 km for each of its two removable 576 Wh batteries which take 4 hours to fully charge. In turn, the BKL HULK electric tricycle offers a range of 150 km and has two removable batteries with 600 Wh each which take 3 hours to fully charge.

All of Inquieto’s electric vehicles with removable batteries are charged at normal or domestic power outlets, known as Schuko.


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