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Advantages of renting electric commercial vehicles

The boom in delivery today is no secret. As consumers we have got used to businesses coming to us rather than vice versa. An upward trend which businesses have had to adapt to and from which they have very often benefited greatly. Everything would seem to suggest that this model will prevail in the vast majority of sectors, partly due to the magic of e-commerce. But if you’re still weighing it up, in this post we’d like to show you the magic formula for incorporating a profitable delivery service into your business. Here’s a clue: electrification and renting are the key aspects.

The benefits of the electrification of your commercial fleet

The incorporation of 100% electric vehicles into the commercial world has revolutionised the last-mile. Whether two, three or four-wheeled, they have brought with them a multitude of benefits: they are sustainable and environmentally friendly, generating zero emissions; they don’t use any fuel, entailing a major saving; their maintenance and usage costs are lower; they are smooth and easy to ride thanks, amongst other things, to the absence of noise; they meet all the environmental regulations, making them ideal for riding around urban and interurban environments without restrictions; they enjoy tax breaks… And we could go on!

Opting for this type of vehicles for your business fleet means committing to sustainability and saving. Nevertheless, you will say, there is still a barrier that perhaps not all businesses can overcome: the initial expenditure on their purchase. Despite the fact that their prices are usually more affordable than that of its alternatives and that, once they have been  bought, their costs are minimal, it is common to have doubts of this kind. That’s why another way of getting them is now available. An option which is a big hit in the logistics’ sector: renting.

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Renting: outsourcing of costs and flexibility

Vehicle renting is the ideal solution for your business if you wish to outsource your costs and have less to worry about. It is an option where flexibility is the key. You can choose, from amongst a wide range of vehicles, the one that best suits your business and your routes. What’s more, if you contract your renting with us, you’ll get help and advice from our specialists to optimise their efficiency to the maximum. They will study what the vehicles are to be used for, their volume and load capacity, equipment, design… And they will select the one that best suits your needs.

There are a wide range of rental options, as well as a multitude of electric commercial vehicles: bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes, quadricycles, vans… And there is one for every type of business, from the delivery sector to large companies in the industrial sector. What’s more, they are configurable and adaptable to your requirements and, by opting for renting, you are choosing external management: so that you can focus solely on your business. Leave your fleet to us!

But that’s not the end of the advantages. There are more reasons to opt for commercial vehicle renting, such as the inclusion of all the documentation, third-party insurance or vehicle replacement when they are contracted. Also extremely important is the fact that at Inquieto we offer a maintenance service which includes technical assistance 24/7, repairs and services. Consult the terms with us! Basically: all the facilities imaginable for you to enter the delivery world on a high. A totally affordable option for any kind of business and not only reserved to just a few.

Now you know, with the electrification + renting formula you’ll be unstoppable. The new consumer age is already here and you have at your disposal the tools to make your business grow in it. You’ll reach every customer thanks to a 100% electric vehicle renting fleet which will make your costs minimal and your emissions non-existent. Because sustainable mobility is not the future, it’s the present.


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