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From the supermarket to home. The vehicle you need to reach all your customers

The consumer habits of homes have changed. Consumers have started to perceive the home delivery option offered by supermarkets as a distinguishing feature. What’s more, the pandemic has increased the number of people requesting their most basic products from their supermarket online rather than getting them in person. And the mistrust this practice inspired some years ago is fading away thanks to the convenience it entails for families, the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

This change means that even local supermarkets and hypermarkets deem it essential to have a reliable home delivery service. A service specifically configured for the sector as customer satisfaction involves the products delivered – products of all kinds – being in optimum conditions when delivered and reaching homes quickly. What’s more, the service must be able to reach any home, street or space, whether pedestrianised or via narrow streets.

Sustainable urban mobility

This type of service is usually offered in urban environments. And so paying special attention to meeting the environmental regulations of the cities where you operate is crucial when getting together the fleet of vehicles that will be providing the service. Sustainable mobility is the order of the day and associating with this movement geared towards looking after and respecting the environment will not only mean that a supermarket can reach any street – however central it is – of a city, but it also accrues value as a committed company. That’s why opting for electric vehicles is a winning bet.

Allowing for all types of products

Owing to the wide variety of products offered in a supermarket and their different nature in terms of storage conditions, sizes… A supermarket’s delivery service must be ready to transport any item without causing it any damage. This is why the loading capacity is a very important aspect to be borne in mind when selecting the vehicle or vehicles that will form the fleet of a company. In trucks are chosen – the alternative which is most common for supermarkets -, there are a wide range of truck beds. And it is possible to select the loading capacity, systems for organising products in boxes or shelves, isothermal versions etc.

In the case of food transport, the storage conditions must be rigidly complied with. Not only do we risk a product reaching the customer in poor condition, but it can affect his/her health too. So, the fleet of vehicles of a supermarket’s transport service must be perfectly fitted out to transport each product offered.

Compact electric van for supermarkets

Here at Inquieto we have a van specifically designed for the delivery service at supermarkets and distribution chains. It is the compact electric van with reduced dimensions SUPERINQUIETO. A vehicle designed by CENNTRO to optimise delivery from the supermarket to the home of the end customer. 

This van not only replaces the conventional trucks used by supermarkets, but it also reaches the final delivery points where the latter did not reach before thanks to their reduced dimensions. What’s more, it is a vehicle with zero emissions and 100% sustainable, allowing it to access urban centres without any type of restriction and without leaving any carbon footprint. With the SUPERINQUIETO van, supermarkets can reach any location, transport all kinds of products and reduce their delivery times, whilst still respecting the environment.

Their electric autonomy is from 130 to 260 km and so entire works shifts can be carried out in electric mode. In this way the fuel saving is more than significant and the maintenance and usage costs of the vehicle are much less than those with fuel alternatives. Their loading time is around 9 hours and the vehicle can be left charging at the supermarket premises when the home delivery service is not operational, making sure it is ready when the deliveries start. In terms of its performance, it has power of 10 kW and reaches a maximum speed of 85 km/h. Ideal for urban transport.

Loading capacity and organisation of goods

The SUPERINQUIETO van has a very broad truck bed and internal shelving with lateral opening to facilitate the extraction of the goods and final delivery. It also includes separate boxes so that orders can be organised and deliveries optimised. In total, it has a loading capacity of 700 Kg, includes a rear-view camera, assisted steering and centralised locking. Everything you need to ensure the success of any delivery service of supermarket or hypermarkets, as well as distribution chains, in an efficient, optimum manner.

If you’re interested in incorporating the SUPERINQUIETO van in your vehicle fleet or renewing your vehicles with sustainable, 100% efficient alternatives, here at Inquieto we offer you the model to order through direct sales or under a renting agreement with full service maintenance included for €586 per month. So you can choose the format that best suits your business. What’s more, we’ll advise you studying your requirements and maximising the performance of your fleet. Join the last-mile sustainable revolution!


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