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How to choose the best delivery service for your business

The new consumption habits, the up-and-coming business models – many of them totally unprecedented – or the ever more hectic and more saturated markets are revolutionising the logistics’ sector, one of the ones that has grown most in recent years. And the fact of the matter is that in the vast majority of businesses, new needs have emerged in this regard which have become vital for their survival and growth. A situation which raises numerous challenges for a sector which has to take into account variables that stretch from sustainability or efficiency to the suitability or usefulness in accordance with each business model.

The high demand has given way to a vast number of possibilities including opting for delivery services in the day-to-day life of businesses. Some options which vary and are adjusted in line with the specific aspects of each, either with regard to the delivery modes, the types of vehicles, sustainability etc. But how can I configure delivery for my business? In this post we explain everything you need to bear in mind when joining the delivery revolution.

Renting or purchase of last-mile vehicles?

One of the first, most basic decisions when deciding which service is the one that adapts best to your business is the choice between renting or purchasing vehicles that are to provide said service. With this in mind, it is vital to study your demand and the needs that this generates for you. But no need to worry. We’ll do it for you!

When is the best time for my business to contract vehicle renting? To answer this question, first of all you have to understand what this mode consists of. In our case, the renting service is carried out in several stages: 

  1. We analyse your business and its needs: which routes you’re going to follow, how many kilometres this involves, which good you’re delivering and the requirements of this good. Are they packages? Is it food? Are they letters?

  1. We’ll show you our catalogue of electric vehicles, especially those which best fit your business based on a prior study of requirements: type of vehicles, trunk or box capacity they should have, whether you need one or two batteries in line with the autonomy your routes require etc.

  1. We’ll configure the best solution for you. Once the fleet you need has been decided, we draw up a monthly budget so that you only have to worry about your delivery during the agreed period. In the meantime, the vehicle maintenance costs will be borne by us. Once the timeframe has terminated, you don’t have any commitment to us and, if you wish, we’ll renew it along with your fleet.

So what type of business is renting best suited for? The answer’s easy: For all businesses! Any type of business and sector can benefit from the advantages of renting: the outsourcing of costs, external management of your fleet, the continuous adaptation of delivery vehicles to your needs to optimise as far as possible the business routes or take out vehicle insurance and replacement. Nevertheless, we always recommend this for smaller businesses. Those for which owning vehicles as part of the assets of your business will not bring about any economic or fiscal advantage. Hence, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with these assets and bearing the associated expenses, opt for renting “which gives you an all-in solution”.

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But what about the purchase of electric vehicles for delivery? In this regard, we get involved in your lifelong business. The vehicles are yours and you can repay them in the way that best suits your business. In our case, the process is the same: we analyse your needs and we configure the fleet that best suits you. At the end, we sell the vehicles so that you are the owner. If you buy the vehicles from Inquieto, we will deal with the registration and taxes, the environmental label, the permits… And even their maintenance if you so wish and you contract it. It’s up to you.

And what are the advantages? Well. It’s your fleet and you take all the decisions! You can have the vehicles available at any of your establishments, changing their location and even managing their maintenance if you have a garage you trust… Or your own garage! Self-evidently, this is a great option for medium-sized and large companies that require a large fleet and which have permanent staff qualified for managing these assets, their maintenance, logistics etc. It’s your vehicle and you can do what you like with it.

Type of vehicles: optimisation and customised configurations

Have you decided on renting or purchase? It’s time to choose the vehicles that best suit your routes. In this regard you can choose between motorcycles, bicycles, three-wheelers, quadricycles, compact vans etc., with different load capacities, powers, top speeds – important in accordance with the type of roads to be used – nimbleness… Or autonomies and loading times when choosing electric vehicles. What type of product or products do you need to transport? What are your business delivery routes like? Answer these questions and choose the vehicle that best suits your answers. We can help you with this too!

For example, is your business in the pharma sector? This type of delivery requires ensuring the maximum quality of its contents. Here at Inquieto we have electric vehicles prepared for delivery in cities from local pharmacies to the point of delivery of the client which ensure the good condition of the products and optimise your routes.

Our EEZON E3 electric three-wheeler affords great safety and stability thanks to its three wheels, which is ideal for this type of business, without neglecting the manoeuvrability and nimbleness of a conventional electric motorcycle. What’s more, it has a XL trunk with 400 litres and a 100-litre luggage compartment, autonomy of up to 120 Km and a top speed of 90 Km/h, allowing it to be used on motorways too. Furthermore, our compact electric van CENNTRO METRO will allow you to load up to 700 Kg into its customisable box both in the interior and in its opening. Take a look at our catalogue. We’ll help you choose the vehicle that best suits your business!

Bear in mind the customisation of the vehicles! Here at Inquieto we offer customised configurations so your fleet remains faithful to your business in every sense of the word. Never forget that your vehicles are a form of communication and they say a lot about you.

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Sustainability and efficiency, a commitment to electric vehicles

The move towards sustainable mobility, particularly in cities, means that opting for electric vehicles has become more important than ever today. Choosing vehicles with zero-emissions and no sound pollution will not only make your service more environmentally friendly and meet all the highway regulations, but also more efficient for delivery in urban areas. When choosing your vehicle, take into account variables like its autonomy, battery and charging time. Does it fit in with what you need?

If you’re quite sure about what you want and you have answered all the doubts we’ve raised in this post, you’re ready to choose your fleet. Your leap forward into delivery is closer than ever!


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