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Maximum capacity with minimum dimensions: the vehicle that transforms logistics

Mobility in cities has become a real headache for many people. Especially for those companies that need to get their products to their customers quickly and efficiently. Pollution, traffic congestion, movement restrictions in areas in the central core of cities, the increase in pedestrianised streets or the prioritisation of alternative vehicles such as bicycles are just some examples of the challenges that the last mile must face in the urban environment.

So, having a sustainable vehicle fleet is essential for the last mile logistics service of any company that wishes to deliver in large cities. However, this shall not suffice. There is another factor that affects the vehicles used to provide this service and that makes a difference in the efficiency of any urban route: manoeuvrability. The vehicles used for the delivery of products in cities must be able to get around in confined spaces, manoeuvre in narrow streets and make deliveries in places that are hard to access. This is why it is vital that the vehicles are selected with an eye on manoeuvrability and the ease of use in urban environments.

PAXSTER CARGO electric quadricycle

Here at Inquieto we have the ideal vehicle for last mile logistics mile in cities: the PAXSTER CARGO electric quadricycle. This quadricycle is the solution to all the mobility problems that any company encounters in the day-to-day of its urban delivery service. The fact of the matter is that it is a vehicle which runs like an electric motorcycle but which affords benefits more similar to those of a small van. In addition, it can be driven by anyone with an AM (B) class license.

The PAXSTER CARGO has very small dimensions without sacrificing a high load capacity. Characteristics that make it ideal for city delivery. The quadricycle stands out for its ergonomics, nimbleness and manoeuvrability in urban centres, which makes it a vehicle endowed with high productivity and profitability for delivery, as well as for maintenance and technical assistance services. It also offers exceptional stability thanks to its four wheels.

Its lightness and its design aimed at optimising the last mile service of any business make it the perfect vehicle for driving around urban environments. What’s more, it’s a fully sustainable vehicle and environmentally-friendly, maximising the efficiency of any route without damaging the environment, whilst affording the greatest comfort and safety to the driver. With the PAXSTER CARGO you can access any space in the urban environment, no matter how narrow. And so reach all your customers quickly and guarantee the safety of the transported products.

  • Features and uses

It has a total cargo space with capacity of 1,000 litres and is able to load up to 250 kg. The internal dimensions of its box are 1100 x 630 x 1140 mm, it has extra front and side compartments and its structure is configurable, with the door opening from the rear. In this way, it allows the transport of numerous products with different volumes and weights. And there is an isothermal version available.

It includes a 9.2 kWh battery affording it autonomy of 120 km and which is fully charged in 9 hours in a normal or Schuko socket. Its 4.7 kW electric motor manufactured by Motoenergy allows it to reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a negotiable gradient of 18%. In addition, it includes a regenerative braking system, rear-view camera, reversing alarm, remote start and much more.

The PAXSTER CARGO is a particularly interesting vehicle for the logistics of the food delivery, parcel, industrial, public, supermarket and pharma sectors. Because it can provide solutions to many sectors: from internal transport between administrations or between manufacturing plants, to the delivery service of any business, ensuring the highest quality of their products. As well as maintenance and technical assistance services. In any case, the PAXSTER CARGO offers a fast, productive delivery service, allowing all kinds of items to be transported.

  • Comparison with other types of vehicles

Inquieto’s electric quadricycle is an innovative alternative to larger vehicles with a similar load capacity. It offers the best of the nimble, manoeuvrable vehicles, combined with the best of vehicles with large cargo capacities. Hence, the last mile logistics service of any company can benefit from the pros of using electric motorcycles for delivery and also from the pros of small vans.

  • Practical example of using the quadricycle

Do you have a hospitality business and need to quickly reach your customers in a city as congested as Madrid or Barcelona? The PAXSTER CARGO is the solution to your delivery problems! You will get to any street quickly, avoiding the restrictions affecting vehicles that generate emissions and getting round countless traffic jams. Your food will always reach your customers quickly and


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