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Sustainable Mobility in Spain: the Observatory sets the green standard

Movilidad Sostenible

Mobility plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Nevertheless, sustainability has become a global priority. Against this backdrop, sustainable mobility involves the adoption of transportation practices that reduce the environmental impact, improving air quality and promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle. Following this line of thought, the aims are clear: to move towards a greener, more efficient future, promoting a fundamental change in the way we move and transport goods. 

Within the framework of European Mobility Week, on 22 September the Spanish Sustainable Mobility Observatory. A meeting that brought together prominent representatives of the European Union, as well as experts from the business field and public administration, in order to prepare a complete overview of the present and future of sustainable mobility and the attendant regulatory framework.

Sustainable mobility accessible to everyone

At this conference it was endeavoured to highlight the importance of sustainable mobility as a continuous objective that requires a constant effort to preserve our environment, improving the quality of life of future generations and ensuring a more sustainable future for our planet. In addition, a current and future vision of this field was offered within the European framework, with proposals such as the scope of climate neutrality by 2050 or more regulations, many of them already included in previous packages of measures and which refer to aspects such as polluting emissions from new vehicles.

The EU has proposed to reduce emissions in the transportation sector by 90% by 2050.

There was also talk about the importance of digital information in promoting more efficient transport in Europe. This is, for example, real-time information on traffic, public transport or shared mobility options. Data which allows citizens to make decisions with greater knowledge of the subject and choose their mode of transportation based on its efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, emphasis was placed on the need to look for new sustainable mobility models for both people and goods.

The importance of pedestrianisation and low emission zones

Movilidad Sostenible

Equally important, the Observatory highlighted the importance of making sustainable mobility options available to all citizens. Without making this only reserved to large cities. This is when the pedestrianisation trend was mentioned, which urban areas must follow, as well as the trend towards the designation of low emission zones, not only as traffic restrictions, but also as tools to modernise vehicle fleets. An aspect which especially affects Spain, with an average car age of 13.5 years.

Drive towards the modernisation of vehicle fleets, committing to electrification

What’s more, the need to expand charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, a much cleaner, more accessible alternative, was also emphasised.

Modernisation of vehicle fleets and electrification

The adoption of electric vehicles in the last mile fleets of any business plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability, especially in the urban environment. These vehicles offer a series of significant advantages in this regard, such as the reduction of polluting gas emissions and noise mitigation in densely populated urban areas. Furthermore, by using electrical energy instead of fossil fuels, they contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, which is essential against the backdrop of raising environmental awareness.

Furthermore, the transition to electric vehicles in last mile fleets not only benefits the environment, but it can also generate significant savings for the business in terms of long-term operating costs. Therefore, committing to electric commercial vehicles is a smart, sustainable investment for those companies that seek a cleaner, more efficient future.

The future of mobility is undeniably green, with a growing focus on electric vehicles, sustainable public transport and shared mobility options.


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