Heat pumps in electric vehicles: What are they for?

Bombas de calor en vehículos eléctricos

Not so many years ago, a heat pump was a strange, unknown concept for the vast majority of us. The thing is, heat pumps have begun to enter our usual vocabulary with the arrival of electric vehicles as before the latter existed, they were not used. In addition, it should be noted that this component […]

The new European regulations for charging electric vehicles

nueva normativa europea para la recarga de vehículos eléctricos

Europe continues to commit to sustainable mobility and electric vehicles as a means of reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. And it is doing this now wanting to boost the electric vehicle charging systems in all the countries of the EU territory with a new regulation which just came out of Brussels and which will […]

How to protect the battery of my electric vehicle in summer?

cuidado de batería de vehículo eléctrico en verano

Did you know that electric vehicle batteries react differently depending on whether we are in a hot or cold season? Extreme temperatures are the kryptonite of electric batteries and, in view of the time of year we’re at now, it is worth knowing what our batteries face when fighting high temperatures. The thing is, in […]

Customisation of cargo boxes in last mile vehicles

cargo boxes in last mile vehicles

A cargo vehicle, whatever its type – quadricycle, compact van… – will always offer different sizes and capacities. Choosing one or the other to create or renew a business fleet will depend to a large extent on these characteristics. One of these customisation options stands out: cargo boxes.

Logistics at festivals: staff movement

music concert festival

Setting up a music festival is no easy job owing to everything it involves. It is a sector with many special needs, especially with regard to staff mobility owing to the large venues going to make up the festivals space.

New speed limits in cities and last mile

The speed limits implemented in recent years in Spanish cities can be difficult to maintain at times. It is normal that the new traffic regulations on the regulation of speed limits on urban roads and crossings seems misplaced right after its start-up as drivers have been following regulations for years that have now been modified. […]

Advantages of electric vehicles with a removable battery

Removable batteries are already a reality in electric vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles or tricycles. The future has become the present and removable batteries have become the way to go for manufacturers. And for good reason. Their use affords great advantages: they constitute a sustainable alternative and vehicles with this portable system are accessible to […]