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Tips for electric vehicle maintenance in winter

Cold, snow, ice or rain can make winter driving a challenge. Being cautious behind the wheel is the best approach by drivers when facing adverse weather conditions: avoid using the vehicle during storms, reduce speed whenever necessary, maintain sufficient distance from other vehicles… In this way, you will ensure your safety and that of everyone on and around the road. However, there is another determining factor to avoid driving risks in winter: carrying out suitable maintenance on the vehicle, thereby preparing it for this cold season

Last mile logistics vehicles can suffer a lot at this time of year because the companies’ delivery service continues to operate, regardless of the weather. That’s why it’s especially important for fleets to undergo periodic reviews that guarantee the perfect mechanical condition of the vehicles and the safety of the drivers. In this way, the service is more efficient and risks are avoided.

How do low temperatures affect electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles can be especially punished by low temperatures if proper precautions are not taken. The fact of the matter is that the cold can directly affect their efficiency due to the decrease in the temperature of their batteries. This reduces their energy storage capacity.

In addition, in winter we tend to use more energy to heat the interior of the cabins, protect ourselves from bad weather and travel comfortably. This is an aspect worthy of particular attention because this energy will have a direct impact on the batteries of the vehicles and their autonomy, which will decrease considerably.

Preventive maintenance in the coldest months of the year

Carrying out proper maintenance on electric vehicles in a last-mile logistics fleet during the winter is crucial to guarantee their smooth operation and maximise their working lives. And what needs to be checked? Everything from the condition of the battery and the air conditioning system, to the good condition and pressure of the tyres. It is also important to take into account the condition of the heating system and the wiper blades.

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  • Battery monitoring

As we were saying, batteries are one of the elements of electric vehicles that suffer the most during the winter. It is thus particularly necessary to safeguard and monitor their status at all times to avoid any scares or losses in efficiency during the delivery routes of any business. Some tips for maintaining the battery of an electric vehicle are:

  1. Monitor its status: periodically check the battery charge and make sure it is always fully charged.
  2. Avoid deep discharges: prevent the battery from becoming completely discharged, as this can damage the battery and reduce its working life.
  3. Protect it from the cold: protect the battery from the cold when the vehicle is not in use, as low temperatures can affect its charging capacity.
  4. Do not leave the vehicle discharged: avoid leaving the vehicle discharged for a long time as this can damage the battery and reduce its working life.
  5. Charge it properly: follow the manufacturer’s charging instructions and use suitable chargers.

Maintenance tips

In addition to the battery, there are other aspects which need checking in an electric vehicle, especially during the winter. For example:

  • Tyres: check that the tyres are in good condition and have the right pressure to improve traction and safety on the road.
  • Heating system: check the heating system and make sure it works properly for a convenient temperature inside the vehicle.
  • Wiper blades: check that the wiper blades are in good condition and work efficiently to improve visibility on the road during rain, snow or hailstorms.

Inquieto Maintenance Plan

Here at Inquieto we offer a complete maintenance plan for your last mile logistics vehicles. We have more than 600 specialised technicians and more than 300 workshops in Spain and Portugal, putting at your disposal 24/7 technical assistance and replacement vehicles. And in addition to our own electric vehicle workshops, we have repair points throughout the peninsula thanks to our maintenance network made up of both GAM workshops as well as of different workshop networks.

Extend the working life of your fleet and avoid any unforeseen events that could bring your business to a standstill. Here at Inquieto we draw up maintenance plans according to your needs and your operations. And what do they include?

  • Preventive maintenance of electric vehicles

Anticipate any possible damage to your fleet of electric delivery vehicles. Sign up to our preventive maintenance plan and guarantee the smooth functioning of each of your vehicles. Our preventive plan includes periodic reviews of operation, safety, adjustments, analysis, cleaning, calibration and the changing of those elements subject to natural wear and tear…

  • Corrective maintenance of electric vehicles

We locate the fault on your electric delivery vehicle, carry out a diagnosis and prepare a customised quote to proceed with its repair. We act immediately and effectively so that your electric vehicle can get back to delivering as soon as possible. And we also have replacement vehicles where necessary.

Don’t let winter lower the efficiency of your routes.


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