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What is the load capacity of a commercial electric motorcycle?

No two businesses are the same. Their offer, the way they have to be managed, their policies, their values, their workforce, their products or services, their image… Each business is a world and we know that you won’t be happy with just replicating in your business what other businesses do. And that each decision you take is adapted to your needs, to the resources you have at your disposal, to your objectives… And in terms of logistics, why should it be any different? We can help you select the best delivery solutions for you, studying your specific case and deciding on the best alternatives bearing in mind aspects such as, for example, the load capacity of your vehicles.

And when you start looking into the last-mile vehicles on the market… It may seem a little overwhelming. There are loads of options! Two, three or four-wheeled vehicles, engine specifications, load capacities, powers, autonomies and various top speeds. A countless number of variables you’ll have to bear in mind before opting for a fleet that meets your needs. That’s why here, at Inquieto, we analyse your business. What routes are you going to follow? How many kilometres do you need to travel? What type of product or good are you delivering? Does it require special treatment? The answer to these questions will lead us to choose the vehicles that best suit your business from all those forming part of our catalogue.

Electric motorcycles for last-mile delivery

If you go for motorcycles as a solution, either owing to their speed, their ability to get into any location in a city because their load space is more than enough to transport your products or because your routes are ideal for this type of vehicle, choosing those which will make up your fleet is a key decision for the optimisation of your routes and the profitability of your delivery service. That’s why we would recommend you to opt for electric motorcycles. And the fact of the matter is that this is the model that not only logistics, but mobility too is aimed at. Electric vehicles are sustainable, they entail a major saving as they do not consume fuel, their maintenance and usage costs are lower, they meet all the environmental regulations and they may travel without restrictions around any city… It’s a safe bet!

And the second thing we would recommend you to pay special attention to is the load capacity of the commercial electric motorcycle you choose. 

Loading requirements in line with each business

The motorcycle or motorcycles you choose will have to be able to provide a solution for the goods you wish to transport on them, both in terms of their capacity and as regards the special characteristics that products may have, for example, particularly sensitive ones. Here, each sector has specific needs. And commercial electric motorcycles have load capacity ranges for the majority of businesses.

For example, if your business is an e-commerce that requires a last-mile service that affords a solution to small or medium-sized package dispatches, optimising each route to the maximum, we have alternative zero-emissions vehicles which perfectly adapt to this growing sector. Our electric motorcycles are small, manoeuvrable vehicles which are safe for the environment as well as for those riding them. 

A sample thereof is our SILENCE S02 HS electric motorcycle, which is made in Spain and which was designed for delivery. It affords great manoeuvrability to access to small, narrow spaces and three different driving modes for greater efficiency. In terms of its load capacity, it includes a customisable trunk with capacities of 102, 200 or 300 litres. It also affords 120 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 90 km/h.

This type of vehicles is also used in Food Delivery sector business. In this case, the speed and reliability of the vehicle are vital in order to ensure that the food reaches your client’s home in perfect condition. Here at Inquieto we offer various options for this type of delivery and we have isothermal version models where required. 

Examples include the URBAN D80 electric motorcycle, fitted with a customisable trunk with capacities of 102 or 200 litres and a load of 25 kg; the LVNENG LX05 electric motorcycle, which also has a 25 kg load trunk adaptable to any need and which can be customised with 102 or 200 litres of capacity; or the LVNENG LX08 electric motorcycle. All these motorcycles which can also be perfect for other sectors such as that of wholesale and retail supermarkets, pharma, industrial and even the public sector.

Basically, whatever the electric motorcycle you choose for your business, bear in mind that the variables we have indicated during the course of this post can be adapted to your needs and to the specific characteristics of your routes. You can always trust our specialists to advise you and to be responsible for finding the best delivery solution for your business, dealing with everything which makes it unique. So, now you’ll have taken one of the most important steps when starting your last-mile service. Now you just have to rent or buy the vehicles and get moving!


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