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Your delivery fleet for a 2023 with maximum performance

Last mile urban logistics is presented as one of the most solid sectors for 2023 according to experts. Despite the constant turbulence that the global economic framework has gone through and continues to go through, this sector has remained firm, on the rise, and nothing would seem to suggest that it won’t attain its great growth expectations. During the pandemic, it demonstrated its resilience, as well as its vital nature for most businesses: many have it to thank for their survival. And after this test, it is now expected to continue its strong performance.

In 2023 the last mile will continue to become increasingly relevant in shops and businesses. And self-evidently incorporating new ideas and innovations that set it apart with greater efficiency and, above all, sustainability. The alternative zero emission delivery vehicles will no longer be the future, but the present. Because in a world in which it is desperately being sought to reduce the polluting impact of each personal and, above all, commercial action, continuing to commit to delivery fleets made up of vehicles with combustion engines is swimming against the tide. Basically, 2023 will be the year of logistics, of the electrification of last mile transport and of delivery alternatives which are clean and, at the same time, effective.

Incorporating new trends

The decision is no longer whether your business needs a last mile logistics service, but rather what types of vehicles will go to make up said service. Whilst the global consumption trend has already answered the first question, Inquieto is the answer to the second. The delivery fleets of 2023 will be made up of electric, 100% sustainable vehicles that allow you to reach any space as quickly as possible, guaranteeing the highest quality of the products transported. Something that a multitude of businesses have already understood, launched and reaped the rewards; but which will be become widespread over the next year.

Urban last mile transport requires non-polluting solutions for its circulation through a multitude of areas, solutions that can enter any street, manoeuvre without major problems, get rid of maddening traffic congestion… And it requires solutions adapted to all types of sectors and all kinds of routes. Without the right vehicles, the last-mile service of your business may be left behind. This is why it is vital to pay attention to the new needs and trends of the sector in order to offer a competitive, efficient service in 2023.

Improve the performance of your fleet

Achieving a maximum performance last mile fleet in 2023 necessarily means having vehicles adapted to the needs of your business routes. Your sector, your products, your routes… All of this must help you configure the best delivery alternative for your specific case, though never neglecting the trends and challenges that are to come. Here at Inquieto we are specialists in last mile logistics vehicles and we have a great team of professionals prepared to advise you in a personalised way about the best solution for you.

We will study how your delivery service is or should be, we will choose the ideal vehicles for it from our extensive catalogue and we will configure them to offer you maximum performance. We will deliver your new fleet for 2023 on a renting or purchase basis, whichever you prefer. And we will offer you our comprehensive maintenance service.

A solution for every need

The perfect vehicle to provide a solution to each of your needs exists. Whether you belong to the Public, Industrial, Pharma, Parcel, Food Delivery or Supermarket sectors, there is a vehicle specifically designed to offer you the most optimal service.

Here’s an example: Do you need a nimble, manoeuvrable vehicle that at the same time can transport large loads for your business in the Pharma sector? The PAXSTER CARGO electric quadricycle is your solution. This completely sustainable vehicle is ideal for last mile logistics in urban environments, since it works like an electric motorcycle with the features of a small van. Its small dimensions, combined with its ergonomics and nimbleness in urban areas, make it an electric vehicle with high productivity and profitability for delivery. In addition, it has a total cargo space with a capacity of 1,000 litres which can load up to 250 kg, and a battery that affords it a range of 120 km. You will move around the city like a fish in water!

In 2023 modernise your last mile logistics fleet and get ready to reap the rewards of a well-planned, goal-oriented service.


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