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Express deliveries during sales season: get ready for Black Friday

black friday

While Black Friday drives consumers to be on the lookout for the best deals, for companies and self-employed people it is an unparalleled opportunity. And amid this frenzy of offers and discounts, we could say that the commercial success of Black Friday hinges on two elements: unique prices and speed of service. This is something […]

Short-term renting: the flexibility you need for periods of high demand

Renting puntual

Adaptability is crucial for business success, especially in the commercial sector. This is particularly evident in those areas or segments that experience seasonal peeks in demand, such as the retail sector during the Christmas season. During these periods, companies and self-employed people managing last mile commercial fleets see how flexibility becomes an invaluable asset. That […]

Last mile logistical challenges on Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Every year, millions of consumers look for offers both online and in physical stores, generating an avalanche of orders, with their respective home deliveries of products. Although this date may be exciting for keen shoppers, it also poses significant logistical challenges, particularly when it comes […]

Logistics in the fashion sector

Logística en el sector de la moda

The world of fashion is a constantly changing universe, with trends that come and go in the blink of an eye. Against this background, behind the catwalk and store windows, there is a key component which allows the industry to function correctly: logistics. This invisible yet essential element is the common thread which guarantees that […]

Why take out a preventive maintenance plan?

mantenimiento preventivo

Preventive maintenance is an essential strategy to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of any vehicle. This type of maintenance involves carrying out planned, regular tasks to prevent problems before they happen, in other words, acting proactively instead of waiting for a costly breakdown or critical vehicle failure to occur. So, in this post we’d […]

Distribution of perishable products: all the keys

reparto de productos perecederos

The distribution of perishable products is a crucial challenge in the supply chain and, without a doubt, special care needs to be taken to guarantee that the products reach their destination in optimal conditions. From fresh food to temperature-sensitive medications, transporting perishable goods involves a number of specific considerations and solutions. In this post, we […]

Reverse logistics: What is it and why is it important?

logística inversa

Reverse logistics has acquired significant importance in the delivery services of multiple businesses in recent years. Whilst it is true that reverse logistics has always been present when it comes to product returns, this practice has been redefined as a result of the sustainability boom. Efficient resource management is the order of the day and […]

Innovation in packaging for the last mile

Innovación en embalajes

The constant evolution of e-commerce has transformed the way products reach our homes. The last mile of a product, which covers the final stretch from the distribution centre to the end customer, has become a fertile ground for innovation. And one of those crucial areas of development is the design and technology applied to packaging. […]

What do last mile slot systems consist of?

reparto franjas horarias

The shopping experience of a business is inevitably influenced by its last mile service, which becomes a determining factor for customer satisfaction. The more transparency, facilities and comfort a company offers its consumers throughout this process, the greater their degree of satisfaction and trust in it. Deploying the technology to successfully overcome this challenge is […]

The importance of the last mile for the strengthening of local commerce

paquetería en comercio local

Local commerce is the engine of the sustainable economy, fostering entrepreneurship, promoting the unique identity of each environment and strengthening neighbourhood cooperation. This type of trade drives the economic growth of communities located in specific geographic locations, operating locally and offering all kinds of products and services. Some products and services aimed at almost completely […]