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What are connected fleets and what are their advantages?

Flotas conectadas

The emergence of innovative technologies has radically changed the way vehicles and fleets are managed. In this regard, connected fleets (or smart fleets) emerge as a solution for optimising the vehicle management of all types of businesses. And proper fleet management is key in order to achieve the best results on any route or trip. […]

Logistical challenges when implementing fleet charging points in remote areas

puntos de carga para flotas en áreas remotas

The transition to electric vehicles in commercial fleets is a crucial part of the global strategy for reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. However, the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in commercial fleets, especially in areas far from urban centres or in regions with limited basic infrastructure, entails considerable logistical obstacles.  Creating a suitable charging […]

Strategies for fast charging of commercial electric fleets during peak operations

carga rápida en flotas comerciales eléctricas

The capacity to keep commercial EV fleets charged and ready for action is crucial in order to maximise operational efficiency and minimise the downtime of any company. This means not only guaranteeing the constant availability of accessible and efficient charging stations, but also the implementation of smart energy management strategies which allow charging times to […]

Maintenance costs of electric vs. thermal vehicles for commercial fleets

Mantenimiento de vehículos eléctricos

The transition of commercial fleets to electric vehicles is a growing trend driven both by the desire to reduce carbon emissions and lower operating expenses. And one of the most significant factors in this equation is the maintenance cost associated with electric vehicles compared to their diesel or petrol counterparts. Would you like to know […]

What is the ideal electrical autonomy for a full working day?

autonomía eléctrica

How long should the autonomy of an electric vehicle last to meet the demands of a full working day? This is one of the most important questions that any business should ask itself before selecting the vehicles that will make up its sustainable fleet. Although there is no exact figure for ideal autonomy, approximations can […]

The importance of protective canopies on three-wheeler cargo bikes

toldos protectores en triciclos de carga

In the world of freight transportation, efficiency and safety are fundamental aspects for the success of any business. So, safety when riding three-wheeler or cargo bikes with assisted pedalling is essential, especially in commercial environments where they are used to transport goods or make deliveries. These alternative sustainable mobility vehicles are an increasingly popular option […]

Commercial van loading and unloading strategies

carga y descarga de furgones comerciales

Logistical efficiency is a crucial aspect for any company that transports and handles goods. However, this efficiency is not limited only to the performance of the vehicle that moves them from one location to another, contrary to that which is usually thought, but rather it encompasses the entire logistics process, with a particular emphasis on […]

Types of airbags adapted for motorbikes

tipos de airbags

Safety is an essential aspect for all lovers and users of two-wheeled vehicles. In this regard, passive safety on motorbikes has become a priority: manufacturers and users are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the rider in the event of an accident. In this respect, motorbike airbags are a key element in reducing injuries […]

Heat pumps in electric vehicles: What are they for?

Bombas de calor en vehículos eléctricos

Not so many years ago, a heat pump was a strange, unknown concept for the vast majority of us. The thing is, heat pumps have begun to enter our usual vocabulary with the arrival of electric vehicles as before the latter existed, they were not used. In addition, it should be noted that this component […]

How to protect the battery of my electric vehicle in summer?

cuidado de batería de vehículo eléctrico en verano

Did you know that electric vehicle batteries react differently depending on whether we are in a hot or cold season? Extreme temperatures are the kryptonite of electric batteries and, in view of the time of year we’re at now, it is worth knowing what our batteries face when fighting high temperatures. The thing is, in […]