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Logistics at festivals: staff movement

music concert festival

The music festival season is upon us. Towns and cities all over Spain are preparing to celebrate massive events, making them stand out on the map once again. And the fact is that thousands and thousands of people go every year to this type of party where everything revolves around music. There is no musical genre that doesn’t benefit from a good festival, nor fans who can resist seeing their favourite groups in an environment as exciting and communal as the festival atmosphere. 

That’s why many hopes are placed in these celebrations – both in the towns and cities where they are celebrated, the groups that participate as well as the people who attend -, nothing can be left to chance. Everything must be perfect in order to offer the best shows, guarantee the safety of everyone who has come to live the experience and make sure everything runs off smoothly. And doing this at a festival is not easy. A festival is a great logistical challenge for its organisers. 

Special needs and movement characteristics

Setting up a music festival is no easy job owing to everything it involves. There is no doubt that the result is usually amazing and that the happiness spread at them cannot be compared to other experiences. However, achieving something like this would not be possible without intense work – before, during and after – which is often invisible. The organisers of these events have to manage large numbers of staff and equipment, facilitate their mobility, guarantee their safety… Not to mention all the infrastructure that has to be set up, often in remote places or in adverse weather conditions.

It is a sector with many special needs, especially with regard to staff mobility owing to the large venues going to make up the festival space. The thing is, allowing the people who work at these events to move quickly and safely around the venue is essential in order for it to run off smoothly. From the rest area to the stage area, from the toilets or showers to the catering stalls and bars, from the tents to the artists’ dressing rooms… They are many diverse spaces that are managed in a celebration endowed with these characteristics and, self-evidently, a huge number of people are needed to work to ensure that everything runs well.

In addition, mobility should not hinder the experience of those who come to enjoy the festival. It has to be there but it has to be invisible. And, as if the challenge were not already enough, it has to take into account some exceptionally long hours. For obvious reasons, the festivals’ days can extend to the point where they almost overlap with the following days. Mobility at the event thus must be constantly operational. And it must also bear in mind the needs of the groups that go to make up the festival lineup

Vehicle solutions for festivals: advantages

The vehicles that are going to be used for the movement of staff at the festival premises must be tailored to their specific needs. In addition to catering for the movement of staff, they must meet a series of requirements to make them efficient, economically and operationally speaking. They have to be designed for relatively short trips, in order to be able to access narrow spaces thereby, thus avoiding congestion… And they must be sustainable, not only because of the savings that this entails for the organisation, but also because of the large number of people who will crowd the venue and breathe air that should not be polluted. And, self-evidently, in order to respect the environment in which the event is held, often right in the heart of nature.

So, opting for vehicles such as bicycles – with a backpack or trunk -, three-wheeler cargo bikes with assisted pedalling or electric bikes such as motorcycles, three-wheelers, quadricycles or even compact vans is a more than ideal alternative for the movement of staff before, during and after the celebration of the festival. Vehicles suitable both for the movement of staff around the venue and for the transportation of equipment and all kinds of items necessary whilst the festival is going on: from food or toiletries to instruments, cameras or technical materials.

In particular, the use of electric bicycles like the LITTIUM IBIZA affords great advantages to the logistical development of an event endowed with these characteristics: it is environmentally friendly, it does not pollute, it does not generate annoying noise, it offers very low operating costs, it is ideal for short distances, it is comfortable and safe for the worker, it accesses all kinds of spaces… Basically, a TOP option so as not to hinder the good vibes of the festival.


All of which without forgetting the image of a commitment to sustainability that the use of this type of vehicle sends out to the world about the festival. Well worth considering at a time when great store is set by corporate social responsibility! And at a time of great environmental awareness, particularly amongst the younger public (making up the majority at this type of event).


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