Christmas, the time of year with the most home deliveries

Christmas is a boom time for logistics. At  this time of year no one wants to be left without their gift which is why shopping sky-rockets. Shopping which, for a few years now, consumers have started to do online. Gone are the long waits in crowded shopping centres, the stress and the struggle to get THE product. Now, anyone can select the perfect gift for that special person from the comfort of their sofa, without rushing, without queues and with a wide range of infinite options.

As might be expected, the change in consumer habits is directly linked to the transformation of businesses. Modernisation that not only affects the launch of online stores, but also the start-up of last mile services: home delivery is no longer an alternative, it is practically an obligation. Basically, businesses must be prepared to meet the needs of their customers. And at Christmas these needs are multiplied by a thousand. It is thus vital for them to be prepared to deal with the flood of orders at this time of year. To ensure that everything runs off smoothly so that no one is left without their gift.

The importance of fast deliveries at Christmas

If the speed and the compliance with delivery deadlines are two of the aspects that last mile service customers value the most on a regular basis… Imagine at Christmas! Particularly at Christmas time, these two variables must become the Holy Grail of any business. Presents need to be with the customer by Christmas Eve or the morning of 25 December. Or for 6 January. Or for both. The priority is for the product to arrive well and quickly, as well as ensuring that the flood in orders does not prevent the business from meeting its delivery deadlines.

Imagine that you have been planning the perfect gift for your special someone for weeks, that you have acted with foresight, that you are dying to see their face light up when they receive it… and then the gift doesn’t arrive on time. It’s the worst possible scenario! This is what a good last mile service, with the right vehicles for each delivery route, manages to avoid. Because Christmas is to be enjoyed without drama!

The case of the Shipping and Parcel sector

The Shipping and Parcel sector, as you might well have guessed, is one of the sectors that suffers the most hustle and bustle at Christmas. Gifts must reach their destination without fail, without damage and without delay. So there needs to be a fleet of vehicles that adapts to each delivery route and to the type of product that is transported like a ring on a finger. And for everything to go smoothly, due consideration needs to be given to aspects like the type of streets that a route includes (narrow streets, pedestrian streets, urban centres …), the environmental regulations on circulation, the load capacity of each vehicle, its autonomy, its power, the license that drivers need to drive them… The aim is to offer the best and most efficient service to each client so that they can enjoy their holidays without surprises.

Here at Inquieto we have vehicles especially designed for Parcels. This is the case of the three-wheeler electric cargo bikes with assisted pedalling BKL 850 and BKL Hulk, the electric three-wheeler EEZON E3, electric motorcycles SILENCE S02 HS, URBAN D80, LVNENG LX05 and LVNENG LX08, the electric quadricycle PAXSTER CARGO or the compact electric van CENNTRO METRO. At Christmas, all kinds of products are bought and given away, so it is essential to have the ideal last mile transport for each of them.

The case of the Food Delivery sector

In recent years there has been a sector which is really flooded by orders at Christmas: Food Delivery. More and more families or groups of friends are choosing to order food at home from their favourite restaurants for the celebration of the main holidays. Spending hours and hours in the kitchen is no longer appealing to many, who prefer to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner without worrying about anything else but enjoying it. This is why the hospitality sector must be prepared to meet this huge demand: ensuring orders for the agreed times, guaranteeing the speed of delivery and the quality – more than ever before – of the food. Forget about arriving on New Year’s Eve when the champagne’s already been drunk!Here at Inquieto we have alternative, fully sustainable vehicles especially designed for Food Delivery, with an isothermal option if required. Ask us for more information!


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